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What is a Metabolic Disease?

Metabolic Disease is a disease closely linked with the availability and utilization of the proper nutrients in order for our cells to produce energy. A metabolic disease is not an infectious disease caused by bacteria. Therefore, it cannot be spread to another person by contact.

Instead, it is a disease that disrupts normal metabolic pathways that rely upon the breaking down of nutrients in order to produce energy. This energy, in turn, is required by the body to perform critical biochemical reactions including processing or transport of proteins, carbohydrates and lipids just to name a few.​​​

Nutrition is the Key
​to Proper Metabolism

There are many factors that can cause this disruption of the body's ability to breakdown nutrients (in order to produce energy). The most obvious factor is of course nutrition. Therefore, when the levels of nutrition drop below an acceptable level for the body to perform its functions, metabolic disease shows up on your doorstep.

Unlike bacterial diseases that come on rather quickly metabolic disease typically takes a considerable amount of time to raise its ugly head (10-20 years). This is because the nutrition your body requires (to maintain a healthy state) will diminish when not supplied in adequate amounts. Your body will use what it has stored back—then it will try to synthesize what it can—but at some point when the proper nutrition is not available for your body to access—your body will in essence become bankrupt (depleted) of the necessary vitamins and minerals required to continue functioning properly. And like many events in life—once your metabolic system is suffering—this typically creates a domino effect which can result in a rather serious disease.

​What Causes Metabolic Disease?

​Before we continue... PLEASE do NOT let any of this "seemingly" technical information stop you from further exploring. Everything on our site is in bite sizes and is designed to educate you so that you can finally understand why you have a particular disease and more importantly the therapies you can do to help rid yourself of that disease.

The primary reason we develop Metabolic Disease is because our Immune Systems become compromised. There are many varied FACTORS that lead to our immune systems becoming compromised and failing to protect us, as you will see from the short list below. However, each of these factors point to the suppression of our Macrophages... including, eating an unhealthy diet.

It also appears that an enzyme called Nagalase is present during times our bodies are stressed. This enzyme is known to stop the production and activation of Macrophages.

I won't get into the workings of Macrophages right now, except to say that Macrophages are frontline bold warriors that lead the charge for our Immune Systems against all invaders including: viruses, bacteria, fungi, toxins, pathogens, cancer cells and more. Macrophages engulf and destroy the enemy.

As our body's first line of defense, the macrophages alert the immune system to the invasion--the immune system then alerts the rest of the troops to prepare for battle. Without the macrophages signaling the immune system, your entire system is effectively shut down. 

Without the Macrophages your immune system is taken out of the battle and your body will never fully recover from disease. This is discussed in more detail Here.

Here are a few FACTORS that cripple our Macrophages--which in turn causes the disruption of the body's ability to breakdown nutrients (in order to produce energy). This stops the Immune System from operating at peak performance--which then leads to Metabolic Disease...

  • Nutritional Deficiency
    The Western Diet, consisting primarily of acidic foods (foods lacking in oxygen) reduce the oxygen in the body. And oxygen is required for normal healthy cells to produce energy and for the immune system to continue performing optimally. These foods include... highly processed foods, highly refined substances, food additives, food chemicals, etc. This lack of oxygen in our foods sets up an acidic environment in our bodies and when a cell encounters a carcinogen, the oxygen supply to the cell is cut off. The cell mutates and starts creating its energy from the fermentation of sugar instead of oxygen. Which in turn exacerbates the acidity of the body. NOTE: Acidity contributes to carcinogenesis by altering the state of macrophage activation (lowering the activation of macrophages)" ~British Journal of Cancer. Malnutrition is characterized by low plasma Gc Protein that activates Macrophages. ~ScienceDirect   Here we see this acidic environment lowers the activation and production of macrophages.

  • Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR)
    Radio frequency waves, x-rays, microwaves, infrared, ultraviolet, gamma rays--to name a few, are examples of EMR. And the devices that emit these rays are... Power lines, microwaves, cellular phones, computers, Wi-Fi, smart meters, etc.​ NOTE: In the International Journal of Radiation Biology appears a research paper titled: "Exposure to radiation from single or combined radio frequencies provokes Macrophage dysfunction." In summary, EMR destroys the production and activation of Macrophages. Since Macrophages are the Immune System's Frontline Defense, the Immune System is GREATLY compromised.

  • Environmental Toxins 
    Include mercury, lead, other heavy metals, chemicals in food, pesticides, various drugs from human waste which are not filtered out in your local water treatment plant, fluoride, chlorine, and much more. It is truly disheartening the amount of chemicals we are plagued with today in our “modern” world. All of these are not only toxic to the body but increase acidity which lowers the available oxygen.


  • Vaccines 
    (click here for each manufacturers list of viruses, toxins, neurotoxins, animal and human DNA used in their vaccines which is hosted on the website) Prepare yourself—this information will forever alter your view of vaccinations being either safe or necessary. NOTE: Viruses secrete an enzyme called Nagalase that stops the activation and production of Macrophages. These Macrophages play a lead role in the activation of your immune system. Consider... "Nagalase activity resides on an outer envelope protein of the influenza virion..." 


  • Immunosuppressive Pharmaceutical Drugs

  • Smoking
    "Cigarette smoking infuses the respiratory tract with toxins, causing abundant, long-lasting consequences even after smoking cessation (stopping). Among those consequences is chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), which is projected to soon be the third leading cause of death worldwide . . . alveolar Macrophages are responsible for clearing pathogens, particulate matter, and cellular debris from the lung, and any impairment in this process is likely to have deleterious physiologic (harmfulconsequences. For example, poor phagocytosis (a process of engulfing and destroying pathogens by Macrophages) is known to negatively correlate with lung function in COPD. Conversely, rescuing diseased alveolar Macrophage function may prove of therapeutic benefit." NOTE: WOW! I cannot believe that the NIH tells us that by restoring the functionality of the Macrophages that it could produce a therapeutic effect. They have just ADMITTED that Macrophage Replacement Therapy is a VIABLE THERAPY! More about this later.

  • Alcohol ​
    "... the alveolar Macrophage plays a central role in the maintenance of alveolar homeostasis (self regulating process to maintain stability), lung host defense, and immune regulation . . . A growing body of evidence suggests that chronic ingestion of alcohol impairs many of these essential functions [REQUIRED FUNCTIONS], including phagocytosis (engulfing) of bacteria and ingestion of apoptotic (dead) cells. (Engulfing and destroying pathogens is the job of Macrophages.) It is therefore not surprising that chronic alcohol use places individuals at increased risk for pneumonia and development of acute respiratory distress syndrome." "Both acute (binge) and chronic (on going) alcohol use can affect the immune system at the level of innate or acquired immune responses. Altered inflammatory neutrophil, leukocyte, and macrophage functions after acute or chronic alcohol use contribute to impaired host defence against microbial infections," ~Oxford Academic


  • Lack of Exercise
    A research paper published on the U of I Research Journal states... "These findings bring up the possibility that exercise activates Macrophages." And another article states... "Macrophages are important effector cells (effects change) involved in phagocytosis (the process of engulfing and destroying pathogens by Macrophages), microbial killing and antitumor activity . . .  Exercise has potent stimulatory effects on phagocytosis, antitumor activity..." ~Wiley Library  "Anaerobic exercise reduces tumor growth, cancer cachexia (losing weight and muscle) and increases macrophage response" ~European Journal of Applied Physiology  SUMMARY: Exercise is very important in maintaining a healthy body and also in recovering from Metabolic Diseases, because it ACTIVATES, and INCREASES the response of your Macrophages. Exercising is easy enough to do and the benefits are HUGE!


  • Viruses (including HIV) 
    NOTE: Viral infections secret enzymes called Nagalase which stops the activation and production of macrophages. Without macrophages your body does not stand a chance of recovering from diseases. In a research publication, AIDS Research and Human Retroviruses it is reported... Nagalase in the blood stream of HIV-infected patients suggests that this enzyme is a viral gene product.


  • And other environmental and lifestyle factors​

  • Symptoms usually occur when the body’s metabolism comes under stress.

Did you notice that all of these different factors lead to the Immune System becoming compromised, BECAUSE of the suppression of Macrophages? Do you realize what we have just uncovered? All Metabolic Diseases are tracked back to the suppression of Macrophages regardless of what FACTOR caused the disruption. Depending on the level of suppression we could find ourselves vulnerable to a host of diseases. 

What Diseases are Metabolic?

You will find that most diseases you are familiar with are metabolic in nature (rooted in a lack of specific vitamins and/or minerals or the ability to breakdown nutrition for energy). Some that are easy to spot would be:

  • Scurvy—a lack of vitamin C

  • Pernicious Anemia—a lack of vitamin B12 and folic acid

  • Pellagra—a lack of vitamin B3 (niacin)

  • Beriberi—a lack of vitamin B1 (thiamine)

  • Rickets—a lack of vitamin D. This metabolic disease is reappearing because many are now indoors much of the time. When the skin is exposed to ultraviolet light (such as from the sun), cholesterol in the skin reacts and forms vitamin D. Even with a nominally healthy diet—without enough sun exposure—the body can’t produce the vitamin D precursors on its own.

  • Osteoporosis—lack of calcium and other minerals

  • Night Blindness—lack of vitamin A

Other More Common Metabolic Diseases Include...


Heart Disease
Hormonal Imbalance
and many others

How Are Metabolic Diseases Typically Treated?

Atlantis does NOT treat symptoms—we focus on the wellbeing of the entire body.

The most important fundamental concept to grasp when dealing with any metabolic disease is to avoid focusing on the “visible symptoms.”​

Unlike traditional medicine which treats the symptoms—at Atlantis we get to the root cause of the problem. Addressing symptoms is futile and allows the illness to only get deeper rooted.

Just like trees have many roots--diseases can also have many roots. This is why we have found it critical to address the needs of the entire body.

Once we have identified and tackled the root causes, your body is able to help restore your God given immune system—which in turn helps your body regain its ability to heal naturally—while simultaneously helping reverse any damage done by orthodox medicine which often uses highly-toxic treatments to treat metabolic diseases.

​For example, in autism the visible symptom could be: Avoids eye contact—does not communicate with others—delayed speech and language skills—etc.

Traditional Medical therapies typically offered for ASD...

  • Occupational therapy (OT) helps people work on cognitive, physical, social, and motor skills.

  • Speech-language therapy addresses challenges with language and communication. It can help people with autism improve their verbal, nonverbal, and social communication.​

  • Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). ABA is often used in schools and clinics to help your child learn positive behaviors and reduce negative ones. 

​For example, in autism the visible symptom could be: Avoids eye contact—does not communicate with others—delayed speech and language skills—etc.

Traditional Medical therapies typically offered for ASD...

  • Occupational therapy (OT) helps people work on cognitive, physical, social, and motor skills.

  • Speech-language therapy addresses challenges with language and communication. It can help people with autism improve their verbal, nonverbal, and social communication.​

  • Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). ABA is often used in schools and clinics to help your child learn positive behaviors and reduce negative ones. 

Now let's look at cancer, shall we?...

The visible symptom with cancer is the tumor.

Traditional Medicine primarily focuses on the extirpation (local extinction) of the cancer growth while paying little to no attention to the underlying reasons why the cancer exists in the first place. Getting rid of the tumor is nice but being clear of cancer is even better, right?

Think about it... Cancer is a Metabolic Disease—meaning it most likely started as a combination of vitamins and minerals missing from your diet, or an influx of viruses or toxins that the body did not have the resources or energy to overcome. Due to the domino effect, when the body is out of balance oftentimes absorption of these nutrients is also hindered. This means that the nutrients you are eating are possibly not being utilized because of this imbalance. Regardless, this and/or other underlying conditions have brought about this Metabolic Disease. This means it is necessary to balance the entire system before you even have the right to expect any healing to take place. Right?

However, once a person has had the conventional toxic treatment of chemo or radiation—the body's immune system is greatly compromised. Once the immune system is taken out of the battle—this leaves the individual unable to defend themselves from the ravages of cancer and other health related diseases that gain a foothold. This holds true for all Metabolic Disease.

Are You Starting to Get the Big Picture? 

Because Atlantis Health ReTreat is an Alternative Treatment Center, we understand the big picture—that most all Metabolic Diseases have a root cause—and this is what we address—the root cause—not the symptom. Our focus is on the damage that has already been done to the entire metabolism—including loss of the body's defense mechanism—its immunity—and healing power or what we often refer to as your core energy.

At Atlantis we understand it is absolutely impossible to bring about good health by treating the symptom. The key to giving our clients a fighting chance—is to first reverse this metabolic damage—restore the immune system to a healthy state—and do our best to make the entire organism (your body) whole again.

In order to accomplish this, we utilize a 
THREE prong attack on the underlying problem...

  1. Get the good stuff in. Once we have completed a comprehensive analysis—we create all-natural tailor-made therapies for each client—ensuring all clients that their particular needs are being addressed. By kick starting your body with our powerful metabolic therapies—giving it the fuel it needs to work at optimum levels (vitamins, minerals, enzymes, antioxidants, and more) your body will have all the nutrients needed to help restore the balance of your metabolic system.​

  2. Get the bad stuff out. Detox is a huge part of the healing process. With most of these diseases there are many toxins in your body. Additionally, once a person has been treated with chemo and/or radiation or other toxic medicines or therapies your body is overburdened with—all of these chemicals—plus the dead cells (both healthy and cancerous) from the treatment. (We offer a host of therapies for detox including--Colon Hydrotherapy--Chelation Therapy—Liver and Gallbladder Flushes—and more.​)

  3. Reduce your body's total load. By reducing your body's overall burden and stress level (even if only in one area) your metabolic system will not only improve (in that particular area), but because the burden has been lessened it is now able to free up more energy—to direct towards other parts of the body—to deliver quicker healing and health. By addressing the entire body as a whole—our approach delivers much quicker results. More importantly... the results are permanent!  

Therefore it is important to reduce this load as soon as possible by introducing GcMAF which not only kick starts your existing macrophages (your bodies first line of defense), but also introduces millions and millions more who start ridding the body of not only dead cells but also making the body free from uninvited intruders including all types of cancer cells, viruses, bacteria, fungi and toxins, etc. (GcMAF is a very powerful—all natural--Macrophage Replacement Therapy—that is utilized in only a few of the better facilities around the world. Please read more about this amazing therapy on our website. Once you understand how it works you will understand how it addresses health issues related to your particular Metabolic Disease.

Atlantis Health ReTreat
Alternative Treatment Center 

We offer so many different treatments and therapies and have a strong foothold in treating the whole body—not just the symptoms. Our unique approach and outlook towards your total health make us different. With not only our unique therapies, but also combination of therapies and treatments we strive to deliver the best results for our clients—addressing all your health concerns.

After 20 years of diligently working to improve our therapies—it is certain that our combination of therapies and treatments are not available elsewhere under one roof. We would love to have the opportunity of helping you regain your health—by tailor designing an individual program—just for you— to fit your particular needs.  

We believe in combining therapies that have a proven track record and attacking your health challenges as aggressively as your body type allows based on our diagnostic findings. If your concerns are metastasized cancer, then please rest assured that with our combination of proven therapies we are able to achieve a high level of success.

Whether you come to our facility or choose the Atlantis Home Program—we commit to fighting for your life and quality of life—like we would for our own family!

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