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Traditional -vs- Alternative

cancer treatments

Traditional treatments (Chemo, Radiation, & Surgery)
Alternative Therapies (Natural - NOT toxic)
Neither treatment is selective - killing BOTH normal healthy cells and cancerous cells simultaneously. 
Our Alternative Therapies selectively kill cancerous cells (either directly or indirectly) while simultaneously nourishing healthy cells..
Both Chemo and Radiation Treatments suppress (destroys) the immune system with copious amounts of poisonous toxins.
Our Alternative Therapies are designed to BUILD the immune system.
"Transitional cell carcinoma of the bladder is the most frequent secondary primary malignancy occurring AFTER radiotherapy and is described as more aggressive." (This is only 1 research paper pointing to the dangers of radiotherapy.)
Our Alternative Cancer Treatments do not cause a secondary malignancy to occur. The elements and minerals we use primarily increase the oxygen and improve the ability of the macrophages and the immune system to do their job.
Radiation Therapy (radiotherapy) suppresses (destroys) the cells in your bone marrow—the number of Red Blood Cells (which carry oxygen throughout the body)—White Blood Cells (which fight infection)—and Platelets (which help the body clot) all decrease. Sometimes this decrease is temporary, however it can also be permanent. Either way this is truly not a good thing, because the bone marrow is where all new cells are generated.
Our Natural Therapies support the function of the bone marrow which is a good thing because... "Many blood cells are short-lived and need to be replenished continuously; the average human requires approximately one hundred billion new hematopoietic cells each day. The continued production of these cells depends directly on the presence of Hematopoietic Stem Cells (HSCs), the ultimate, and onlysource of all these cells." [Red, White, Platelets, etc.]
Chemotherapy. Some of the chemo drugs can also damage your bone marrow. Bone marrow is where all new cells are generated. Without these new cells your Immune System is effectively destroyed. Guess where this leaves you?
Destroying the bone marrow destroys your body's ability to defend and rebuild tissue and cells. Healthy normal functioning Bone marrow is critical for our survival. Natural therapies only enhance its function. (see above)
​"Damage to normal, nontumor bone tissue following therapeutic irradiation increases the risk of fracture among cancer patients. For example, women treated for various pelvic tumors have been shown to have a greater than 65% increased incidence of hip fracture by 5 years post radiotherapy."
Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) is just one therapy we offer that supports bone tissue. Research has proven... Over a course of 20 treatments, circulating (stem cells) increased eightfold (800%)! The stem cells then change into the type of cell your body most needs to help you recover from your illness.
FDA Box Warning: "Drug may suppress bone marrow function severely and is carcinogenic (causes cancer)" "Drug causes infertility and is probably mutagenic and teratogenic." ~chemo is toxic
None of our alternative treatments for cancer include using drugs that are proven to cause cancer and mutagenic. Our therapies are natural and build the immune system.
"Several studies have demonstrated an association between radiotherapy and elevated risk of acute and late toxicities."
Our Alternative Therapies primarily revolve around delivering oxygen (of which 65% of the mass of the body is comprised). The increased oxygen allows the cells to detox at a much higher rate.
​Can do significant damage to DNA. ~toxins in chemo
Our Alternative Therapies do NOT damage DNA. Quite the opposite is true, because we deliver antioxidants to your system which protects DNA.  
Causes immense pain and sickness, and a host of other side effects, so much so that many people drop out of chemotherapy and would rather die than continue their treatments.
Our High pH Therapy alleviates pain... "all pains and effects associated with cancer disappeared within 12 to 36 hr; the more chemotherapy and morphine the patient had taken, the longer the withdrawal period.”
With over 542,000 research articles on the NIH you might say the Medical System has done EXTENSIVE research on macrophages. Even though they know macrophages are ESSENTIAL for healing, well being and our very SURVIVAL they choose to withhold this life changing discovery. The Medical system will never allow GcMAF to see the light of day, BECAUSE it is a natural product which cannot be patented $. So they do the next best thing... destroy all competition.
​"... DBP (Vitamin D Binding Protein or Gc Protein responsible for activating Macrophages) may be ESSENTIAL for normal DEVELOPMENT and SURVIVAL." ~ScienceDirect  (a peer-reviewed Journal)
"If you have been told you have metastatic cancer that can no longer be controlled, you and your loved ones may want to discuss end-of-life care. Even if you choose to continue receiving treatment to try to shrink the cancer or control its growth, you can always receive palliative care to control the symptoms of cancer and the side effects of treatment."
"Curing metastatic cancer at all is rareUntil Professor Yamamoto discovered and administered GcMAF, no one had ever cured every single case."​ ~Smith, Timothy J., M.D. - "The GcMAF Book"  GcMAF activates the macrophage which then signal the immune system to call in the troops. Without macrophages we do not have an immune system. Even so, success with cancer depends on many factors (beyond our control). We certainly make no claims.
Often times (after filling your body with highly dangerous levels of toxicity) the medical system will tell their patient... "there is nothing more we can do for you." 

Furthermore, the medical system understands that cancer cells do NOT need oxygen to create energy. Instead, cancer cells REQUIRE an acidic environment (without oxygen) and through a process of sugar fermentation they create energy. Without this environment deplete of oxygen, cancer cells die.

All oncologists know this as a FACT because they all must understand the 
Warburg Effect before they can graduate.

​Nonetheless, the High pH Therapy was dismissed as being of no importance, because it cut into their profits.
“A total of 50 patients were treated over a 3-year period with Cesium Chloride (CsCl) (High pH Therapy). The majority of the patients have been unresponsive to previous maximal modalities of cancer treatment and were considered terminal cases. All patients were terminal subjects with generalized metastatic disease."

“Impressive 50% recovery of various cancers, i.e., cancer of unknown primary, breast, colon, prostate, pancreas, lung, liver, lymphoma, Ewing sarcoma of the pelvis and adeno-cancer of the gallbladder, by the Cs-therapy employed." ~
Traditional treatment patients who have gone into remission have not had the cause of their cancer treated, only the symptoms (the tumor), and therefore a relapse can occur anywhere from 5-100% of the time (with an average being around 35%). ~Cancer Therapy Advisor
Atlantis does not treat only symptoms (the tumors). We understand that tumors are built from individual cells and therefore we address the ENTIRE body on a cellular level. One therapy that helps ensure our clients do not relapse is GcMAF. Not to mention a slight change in foods to add to their diets.
​​The Medical System understands the IMPORTANCE of Vitamin D in BUILDING the IMMUNE SYSTEM (it has been thoroughly researched and reported on the NIH), but will not apply their knowledge.
​​"​Here, we describe 1,25(OH)2D3 (Vitamin D3) as an immunomodulator targeting various immune cells, including monocytes, macrophages . . . Taken together, these data indicate that 1,25(OH)2D3 plays a role in maintenance of immune homeostasis (balancing the systems of the body)."
​The Medical System understands the IMPORTANCE of Vitamin C in BUILDING the IMMUNE SYSTEM (it has been thoroughly researched and reported on the NIH), but will not apply their knowledge. 
​Our Alternative treatments include Vitamin C. "Supplementation of vitamin C was found to improve components of the human immune system such as antimicrobial and natural killer cell activities..." The macrophages are a type of killer cell and are essential for survival. They eat all pathogens (including cancer cells). Learn more.
​​The Medical System understands the IMPORTANCE of Zinc in BUILDING the IMMUNE SYSTEM (it has been thoroughly researched and reported on the NIH), but will not apply their knowledge.
Our Alternative Cancer Treatments include Zinc.  "Zinc undernutrition or deficiency was shown to impair cellular mediators of innate immunity such as phagocytosis,(a process whereby macrophages engulf and destroy cancer and all other pathogens) natural killer cell activity..."
Chemotherapy is so dangerous and ineffective it requires surgery to cut-out sections of the body with dense amounts of cancer cells in order to put a person into “remission”
Alternative treatments do not depend on surgery because they can treat both dense concentrations of cancer cells and less dense concentrations of cancer cells
Can destroy key organs, such as the liver, heart, kidney, etc., leading ultimately to irrevocable death. (chemo agents)
Does not damage any key organs, in fact our therapies are more likely to build the organs as the immune system is rebuilt.
​People die of malnutrition caused by chemotherapy and radiation.
​​No alternative treatment damages the gastrointestinal system. No alternative treatment makes you so sick you don’t want to eat or cannot hold food down. Most alternative treatments contain highly nutritious nutrients. 
When your white blood cell count is lower than normal you have an increased chance of getting an infection which in turn further suppresses the immune system-- which is the only way you have of fighting cancer or any other disease. People in this state often die from pneumonia. ~Oxford Academic
​​Our alternative therapies BUILD the immune system and the macrophages. This is important because without the immune system you will never beat cancer or any other metabolic disease. 
"In the present investigation, we examined the effects of adjuvant chemotherapy on Quality of Life (QOL) of women with breast cancer. We observed that women with past chemotherapy reported being more depressed, less satisfied with their life and having higher level of unmet sexuality needs than those without chemotherapy. Furthermore, they experienced significantly poor physical, emotional, social/family, functional well-being and higher breast cancer specific concerns as measured by FACT-B."
Our Alternative Cancer Treatments do not overburden your system with poisonous toxic chemicals. These chemicals greatly disrupt the entire metabolism, because it is impossible for the cells to detox. Without detoxifying your body remains overburdened, your immune system remains suppressed (basically not operational) and it is impossible to feel good. At Atlantis our therapies do the opposite. Your pain is gone in 1 or 2 days. your body detoxes, and you feel good. Our treatments POSITIVELY affect your Quality of Life (QOL). 
"... whole brain radiation, an extreme but common procedure for patients with multiple brain tumors. Such treatment can cause debilitating fatigue and permanent cognitive damage." ~Time (Oct 2019)
At Atlantis our most important pledge to our client is... do no harm. We do not use anything that would harm our clients. Our modalities of treatment all boost the immune system - which in turn does the work of restoring your health.
Patients would be better off to “Refuse All Treatments” than to take chemotherapy, because of the damage done to normal cells, damage to the immune system, damage to the macrophages, etc.
​​Patients would be worse off to “Refuse All Treatments” than to take the proper alternative treatment for their situation, because alternative treatments build the immune system, selectively kill cancer cells, etc.
The more facts, and less propaganda, you learn about Traditional Medicine, the less likely you will ever subject yourself to their treatments.
​The more you learn about Alternative Cancer Treatments, the more likely it is that you will choose the alternative route instead of a traditional route.
  • Our Therapies are NOT toxic to your body

  • Our Therapies encourage the body to detox

  • Our Therapies treat the entire body and not just the symptom

  • Our Therapies (unlike chemo and radiation) give your body MORE oxygen

  • Our Therapies do not destroy the immune system, but instead BUILD the immune system

At Atlantis we do not treat your “symptoms” like the Medical System. NO! Instead we treat the entire metabolism (the entire body). It is only in treating the root cause that you will ever be truly free.

Contact Us Now to arrange a free consultation with Dr. Pablo. He will give you a second opinion on recommended therapies that are NOT life threatening. 

At some point you have to choose which method you will use
​for doing battle against cancer.

​Either you choose the Traditional Method utilizing more poisonous toxins which in turn make your body more acidic

<<< OR >>>

You can take a more Natural Approach eliminating the poisons and toxins from your body
Rebuilding your immune system so that it is working at peak performance
And allow God to do what He does best... Restore your Health

Before you put your trust in the Cartel’s hands
please spend some time exploring
the information on our website...

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