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The Medical System is Broken


In 2015, Steven Brill Wrote a NY Times Best Seller


“America's Bitter Pill: Money, Politics, Backroom Deals and the Fight to Fix Our Broken Healthcare System” in which he uncovers the hidden deals that take place between politics and the Medical System. These deals are designed to take away our freedom-of-choice because the competition is eliminated resulting in huge profits for the Cartel at our expense.

Cambridge Dictionary Defines Cartel as… “a group of similar independent companies who join together to control prices and limit competition.”

​If you think “cartel” is a bit strong then look at the RIDICULOUS fees being charged for medical “care” (as if they truly care):​

1)  (ONE) Tylenol = $15 – For EACH individual pill (approx. $345 during average patient stay).

2)  Plastic Bag = $8 – You can buy for 2 cents, at the hospital it’s 8 bucks.

3)  Box of Tissues = $8 – Usually labeled as “mucus recovery system.”

4)  Gloves = $53 - EVERY TIME a doctor or nurse puts on gloves you are charged $53.

5)  Cup for medicine = $10 - The little plastic CUP for the medicine—not the actual medicine. (approx. $500 a stay).

6)  Marking pen = $18 – A simple pen that marks the incisions where the surgeon will cut.

7)  BP Cuff (Adult) = $20 – EVERY TIME a nurse checks your blood pressure. You are charged for the actual cuff even though you don’t get to keep it.

8)  Oral admin fee = $7 – EVERY TIME the nurse hands you medication (approx. $90 per stay)

9)  Holding your newborn = $39

10)  Sterile water IV bag = $800 – Manufacturing cost… about $1.

Mr. Brill’s conclusions: “the bills tell us that this is not about interfering in a free market. It’s about facing the reality that our largest consumer product by far — one-fifth of our economy — does not operate in a free market.”

Worse yet… The Cartel is so POWERFUL that they “help” the government write laws. Laws that strip all American citizens of their FREEDOM to CHOOSE the therapy they feel will best be able to help them in their time of crisis.

Even if you are willing to dig into your own pocket and pay for alternative therapies, the Cartel has made this illegal in the USA to a GREAT extent. And, doctors who are willing to help you with therapies (that the Cartel KNOWS are valid therapies) are stripped of their licenses, ostracized, and jailed.

The Cartel “gives” you Freedom of Choice as long as you give them YOUR money. You can either choose to be burned by radiation, poisoned by chemotherapy, or cut on surgically.

Healthcare is often a matter of life or death. And consumers have little to no choice when they end up in a hospital emergency room.

​If only modern medicine would give us freedom-of-choice other than radiation, chemo, or cutting to “treat” cancer. People understand that alternative treatments are not covered by healthcare insurance. Even so we find it a bit appalling that people have no freedom to choose their own treatments (be it natural or otherwise) in much of the world. It's almost as if we do not own our bodies. Thank God the medical system does not choose the car we drive, the house we live in, or whom we are allowed to marry. 

More Proof the System is Broken

1)  Research Proves Macrophages Kill all Pathogens


The Medical system has done EXTENSIVE research on Macrophages.

There are Over ½ Million Research Articles About the Importance of Macrophages…  on the National Institute of Health (NIH) website. These 500,000+ articles prove that macrophages are an ESSENTIAL part of your immune system. They also prove that without your immune system operating efficiently that you will lose the battle against all diseases.

If you have doubts that the Medical System understands the importance of the immune system, then please read about our GcMAF Therapy. You will soon discover that macrophages (when activated) are able to kill invaders by engulfing (eating) them and destroying everything other than healthy cells. This includes all pathogens, bacteria, viruses, fungi, and more… including cancer cells. After all, this is the function of a HEALTHY Immune System in which the macrophages are the stars (first responders). Without the macrophages, your immune system does NOT function properly.

They leave no stones unturned in this macrophage research and you will see that this therapy is very effective at restoring the power of our God-given immune system—which in turn works to restore our health. Regardless of your illness, this therapy seems to be more than beneficial. MS, Cancer, Autism, and more all benefit from Macrophage Replacement Therapy according to the National Institute of Health.

So, Let me ask...


  1. Why does the Medical System not administer GcMAF Replacement Therapy which encourages your body to heal itself almost immediately? Is it because the Medical System is Broken?

  2. Could it be because GcMAF is a natural product and as such, it cannot be patented$? 

  3. Why do they keep dumping acidic poisonous toxins (chemo) into our bodies which brings about a more acidic environment—an environment lacking oxygen—an environment in which cancer can THRIVE?

2)  Research Proves Cancer Cells Die in the Presence of Oxygen

Cancer cells cannot live in oxygen and instead require very little to no oxygen in order to thrive. You may be saying… Who cares? The answer is… You do!

It is important to note… your health is dependent upon oxygen. Our bodies are 65% oxygen and oxygen is required for healthy cells to generate energy. “Deprive a cell 35% of its oxygen for 48 hours and it may become cancerous.” ~Dr. Otto Warburg

Dr. Otto Warburg PhD, MD was the recipient of the Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine in 1931 and was nominated on 51 occasions. Dr. Warburg noted when carcinogens (coming from certain foods and toxic elements) attach to the cell membrane that oxygen can no longer enter the cell. Consequently, due to lack of oxygen these cells regress to an anaerobic (without oxygen)—acidic state. And in this acidic state they require sugar to create energy through a process of fermentation.

With this discovery, Dr. Warburg forever changed the way cancer would be viewed. I am not kidding. To this very day there is a course taught in college biology or molecular biology classes appropriately named, “The Warburg Effect.” 

This means that ALL oncologists understand that cancer cells generate energy anaerobically (without oxygen). And in an acidic environment (with little or no oxygen) it is impossible for the immune system to be working properly.

Because cancer cells secrete lactic acid (which is highly acidic) they establish their own microenvironment. This environment is REQUIRED for the cancer cell's survival because they no longer require oxygen to generate energy (like healthy cells). Instead, they now need a lack of oxygen and sugar to generate energy. Without this environment cancer cells would literally starve to death.

SIMPLY PUT... if you destroyed the acidic environment required for cancer cells to live (produce energy) then the cancer cell would die! What better way to destroy their environment than by flooding their homes (environment) with oxygen? Oxygen would feed the healthy cells and the immune system while simultaneously destroying the cancer cells! (Make sure to read our article on High pH Therapy so you better understand how this is accomplished.)

It is obvious...


  • The Medical System understands when macrophages are switched off by Nagalase (an enzyme secreted by cancer cells) that your immune system cannot protect you from cancer.

  • They also understand that cancer cells REQUIRE an acidic environment (an environment lacking in oxygen) in order to produce energy and stay alive.

  • They also understand our bodies are 65% oxygen by mass and the importance of oxygen for normal healthy cells to create energy and for the immune system to operate optimally.

So let me ask a few simple questions...

  1. Why in the world do oncologists insist on treating cancers by adding more acidic toxins and poisons to your body (chemo and radiation)? Certainly, they understand that cancer thrives in an acidic environment! 

  2. Why do doctors ridicule therapies that flood the body with oxygen, considering oxygen destroys the acidic environment which is necessary for cancer to not only live but also thrive? 

  3. Do you suppose doctors know the chemicals used in chemo? 

  4. ​Do you know the chemicals they are injecting into your body or do you just blindly trust the system? Please take a look at what is being injected into your body through a "treatment" called chemo.

  5. Does lowering the pH of the body make any sense to you in fighting cancer or any other metabolic disease?

  6. Does destroying your immune system make any sense to you?

  7. Why does the Medical System continue to treat people with poisonous acidic therapies (chemo and radiation) when they understand these "treatments" only further suppress the immune system? 

  8. Do oncologists not understand that both chemo and radiation destroy bone marrow? Do they not know this is where practically all new cells originate? And without new cells to fight the battle... guess what?

The answer should be obvious. By treating ONLY the symptom... your disease (regardless of which disease) will likely never be cured. Think about it… There is more money in treating the symptom.  This is exactly what Dr. Robert Sharpe said, “…in our culture treating disease is enormously profitable, preventing it is not.”

This also means that orthodox medicine understands the importance of a healthy nutritious diet because it is the carcinogens in the unhealthy acidic Western Diet that attach to the cell membrane making it impossible for oxygen to continue entering the cell (as pointed out by Dr. Warburg). This means cancer can be prevented, because it is brought on primarily by an acidic diet (complete with carcinogens and other toxins).

Did you know... The Medical System Knows Most Cancer Is Preventable?
According to the International Agency for Research in Cancer — "...80-90 per cent of human cancer is determined environmentally and thus theoretically avoidable." ~Robert Sharpe, op. cit. 1988, p.47 

Isn’t this EXACTLY what Dr. Warburg said? Here is a quote from this brilliant man that should cause us all concern…

“But nobody today can say that one does not know what Cancer and its primary cause may be. On the contrary, there is no disease whose prime cause is better known, so that today ignorance is no longer an excuse that one cannot do more about prevention. That prevention of cancer will come there is no doubt for man wishes to survive. But how long prevention will be avoided depends on how long the prophets of agnosticism will succeed in inhibiting the application of scientific knowledge in the cancer field. In the meantime, millions of men must die of cancer unnecessarily.” ~Warburg, Otto. Dr. Otto Warburg’s Cancer Research Papers, pg. 58 

3)  Oncologists Completely Understand How to Target Cancer 

Listen as tells us how a PET scan identifies and locates cancer…

“Typically, the patient is given an injection of a substance that consists of a combination of SUGAR and a small amount of radioactively labeled SUGAR. The radioactive SUGAR can help in locating a tumor, because cancer cells take up or absorb SUGAR more avidly than other tissues in the body.

“After receiving the radioactive SUGAR, the patient lies still for about 60 minutes while the radioactively labeled SUGAR circulates throughout the body. If a tumor is present, the radioactive SUGAR will accumulate in the tumor.”

In LESS than 60 minutes SUGAR is INSIDE the cancer cells and NOT the normal healthy cells. Logic tells us they understand how to target cancer cells and if they were truly focused on curing people with cancer—they would be looking for ways to use sugar to not only identify the cancer cells but more importantly--TO TARGET THEM FOR DESTRUCTION, right?

Here’s the good news—this method of using sugar for targeting ONLY cancer cells for destruction--ALREADY EXISTS in nature. It's called Laetrile (B17) Therapy.

Here's the bad news—it was made illegal (in the US and other countries) by the same people that completely understand the science and healing power of this natural substance given to us by God. (Read more about Laetrile (B17) a truly amazing therapy that uses sugar to gain entrance into ONLY the cancer cell and then completely obliterate it.) NOTE: The medical system had solid proof that B17 produced results in cancer patients. So to kill the competition... they tried to bury the evidence. Check out the leaked documents proving this crime against humanity.


​NOTE: NONE of these THREE therapies will ever see the light of day, because the Cartel cannot patent a natural substance. Therefore, there is no way to charge ridiculous fees to drive the Medical INDUSTRY. And because the Cartel will not tolerate any competition, these therapies are mocked when the public gets even a glimpse of what’s behind the curtain. It’s as if the wizard has spoken.

This statement from the FDA Dietary Supplement Task Force Report (page 2, June 15, 1993) should ALARM all of us. The FDA makes it LOUD and CLEAR... there will be NO COMPETITION!

"The FDA Task Force considered various issues in its deliberations, including ... what steps are necessary to ensure that the existence of dietary supplements on the market does not act as a disincentive for drug development." 

​We know these three therapies are highly effective and do no harm to the human body. And we desire to help as many people regain their health as possible. Therefore, we forge on in the face of adversity.

So why do many continue to put their trust in
the hands of the Medical Cartel?

Today when plagued with cancer or other metabolic diseases many people think that the doctors and the Medical System will save them. 

Is that true or is that what we have been led to believe?

Did you know that according to JAMA: (The Journal of the American Medical Association) the Healthcare Industry in the US (2016) spent $30 Billion on advertising? Note: Right from the lips of the AMA we hear the truth about how advertising is a huge part of the problem in the Medical System. (This is worth a read.) 
Because these ads are so repetitive and continue to bombard us is it possible, we have been brainwashed into believing that the Medical System is our only hope when disease strikes us or one of our loved ones?

​Take a look at your choices with the Medical System…

  • Radiation Therapy (radiotherapy) suppresses (destroys) the immune system. Additionally, because the cells in your bone marrow are sensitive to radiotherapy—the number of Red Blood Cells (which carry oxygen throughout the body), White Blood Cells (which fight infection), and Platelets (which help the body clot) all decrease. Sometimes this decrease is temporary, however, it can also be permanent. Either way this is truly not a good thing, because the bone marrow is where all new cells are generated.


  • Chemotherapy also destroys the immune system with copious amounts of toxins. 
    Did you know that chemo causes cancer? 
    Did you know that chemo causes DEADLY Tumor Lysis Syndrome? 
    How do you cure cancer with an agent that causes cancer and tumors?
    Did you know that chemo destroys your bone marrow? (This is CRITICAL for life!)
    Did you know that you can experience heart failure (even years later)?
    Did you know that you can experience kidney failure?
    Check out the Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) on chemo here and here.


  • Both Chemo and Radiation Therapies make the body more toxic--lower the pH to a more acidic state—suppress the immune system—have the potential of interfering with the production of new cells in the bone marrow—and because BOTH of these therapies are NOT selective they kill BOTH healthy cells and cancer cells. Additionally (when your white blood cell count is lower than normal) you have an increased chance of getting an infection which in turn further suppresses the immune system which is the only way you have of fighting cancer or any other disease.

  • Surgery. This needs no explanation. Sometimes body parts that you would prefer to keep are lost at the expense of the cancer not being controlled by chemo and/or radiation.

It goes without saying… Cancer is BIG business. The Cancer Industry—when measured against the GDP of 186 nations—comes in at number fifty-one (51). You might want to look for yourself at the countries whose GDP comes in under 200 Billion Dollars annually.

Maybe now you better understand why Mr. Brill who wrote one of NY Times bestselling books sums it up by stating… (the Cartels) the Healthcare Industry does not operate in a free market. ​ 

Before you put your trust in the Cartel’s hands
please spend some time exploring
the information on our website...

  • Our Therapies are NOT toxic to your body

  • Our Therapies encourage the body to detox

  • Our Therapies treat the entire body and not just the symptom

  • Our Therapies (unlike chemo and radiation) give your body MORE oxygen

  • Our Therapies do not destroy the immune system, but instead, BUILD the immune system

At Atlantis, we do not treat your “symptoms” like the Medical System. NO! Instead, we treat the entire metabolism (the entire body). It is only in treating the root cause that you will ever be truly free.

Contact Us Now to arrange a free consultation with Dr. Pablo. He will give you a second opinion on recommended therapies that are NOT life-threatening. 

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