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Etanercept For Stroke
See the video below, most important. If it doesn't open, try another brouser

Why for Stroke

A Stroke can be as you know or have seen, very disabling.
Preventing the person the ability to work, losing social contact, pain, and suffering.

More often, it not only stops the stroke victim's income, but it also requires another person full time to care for their loved one.

All the online websites explain this, at Atlantis, we know you do not need to be told the difficulty, you want to know

If there is hope?

Is there a solution?
Does it work?
What is the cost?
How long does it take?

In this short page, we will briefly explain and answer the above, and most important, once you complete this small page of information, why a 5 weeks program?

etanercept stroke recovery.png

All answered here...
Yes, our program is based on two things.

1) Pablo, the founder of Atlantis, has worked a lot with people with disabilities and has always had a passion to help. He has been researching the research with cancer for over 20 years and paraplegic recovery and spine damage for over 10 years. Around December 2011 or soon after his partner at that time become a paraplegic.


This triggering event increased the investigating goals to find and understand the mode of action that leads to all of these disabilities.

Not the obvious, that was known, but what were doctors missing. What was going on and can that naturally be healed?


Today the answer is YES, thanks to the work of 2 doctors in Australia who gave me the instructions and explanation of the benefits of Etanercept for spinal damage and now for stroke.

Perispinal administration has shown rapid and sustained improvement in neurological and cognitive dysfunction in chronic post-stroke.› Single-dose administered via perispinal injection.
›Series of 3 patients treated off-label at 13, 25, and 36 months after stroke.
›Second dose 22-26 days after the first dose.


This is a 1 min video that explains the program in a short way.
Improvements in:

  • ›Motor activity

  • ›Spasticity

  • ›Sensory impairment

  • ›Cognition

  • ›Psychological & behavioral function

  • ›Aphasia

  • Pain

Published by Dr. Tobinick

So the KEY is Etanercept. YES and NO.


Etanercept is an amazing breakthrough, 100% but before that, other therapies of IV, natural products had shown benefit. Fixing the body's reason, why did they have a stroke? Poor circulation, stress, hypertension and so many more variables are possible.

So at Atlantis, we address these things first... with two weeks of

  • IV therapies every second day, including GcMAF.

  • Hyperbaric Oxygen daily. All disease has a foundation of low oxygen that is related to disability (Dr. Pablo)

  • Magnetic Pulse pulses the muscles and as a result, lets the brain know... this muscle wants to work.

The second Friday is the first injection. Then you have a week's rest.

Then based on your needs and our observations, the next two weeks start.
The first Friday or Saturday of these two weeks is the 2nd spinal infusion of Etanercept.

Followed by the 5th week of IV and hyperbaric oxygen and magnetic pulse, complemented with all other therapies and treatments we have on the below list, as required.

Results are promising, however, every person who had a stroke, had it because of different neurological and environmental conditions, and as a result, the results, if any, will vary between 0 and 90% plus improvement. With the possibility of many somewhere in between. We do believe over time and when enough data is achieved, some type of prediction will be possible, but at this time, it is not.

Call for more details, and for the best consultation, please fill in and email us the free consultation.

Safety of Perispinal Administration

›Doctors at the Institute for Neurological Research in California and Florida, USA
›Have been treating over 3,000 patients with intractable disc-related pain
›Using perispinal Etanercept therapy
›Never encountered an adverse reaction to the procedure

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