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Remedial Massage
adjusted for your individual needs

​We Offer Many Massage Options

Great for relaxation, pain relief and improving circulation.

We all understand and appreciate the benefits of a massage and the pampering that comes with it.

Therapies for pain relief, flexibility and just to feel good.

As we age, therapies like massage will become a favorite gift to give our loved ones, family, and friends.

​What a Relaxing way to start or end a day.

Massage with Quality Oils

Massages are great for reducing pain and stress or if you feel the need for pampering. Atlantis uses aromatherapy oils for hands-on massages and a mechanical massage called the "Thumper Massage." The combination results in an hour massage with the benefits of two hours. We use a range of oils that are designed to target your health problems. This improves the results of finding true balance and relaxation allowing your body to heal.

We Offer Many Different Therapies

Don't be afraid to ask for any massage that you love. 
All therapists are trained or reviewed first by Dr. Pablo.


They perform many massages as part of the training.

They understand the body and in most cases are nurses and or people who have done a lot of schooling in the massage technique.

So relax and enjoy the experience.​


With massage therapy, the relaxation point of the client must be undisturbed to gain the full benefit of the techniques. Therefore, clients will appreciate our quiet, relaxed environment.

With our electronically adjustable height table, the massage therapist can get to those areas that need special attention. Our clients will experience the special massage supplies of natural, non-allergenic oils, gels, lotions, and fragrances of essential oils. We also have products that increase oil penetration and target and reduce pain. Therapists will have professional massage supplies and equipment to enhance the services and better support the client’s special needs including sound therapy, water spa therapy, and pre-massage relaxation wash. These little things can make a huge difference in how a client views the services they receive and how the body can respond.

Thumping Massage, complements a hands-on massage by eliminating tension. This gentle and deep tissue massage machine does an incredible job of adjusting and balancing the body's core. Eliminating tension so the body can relax. Never again will you request a massage without a good thumping first!

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