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I.V. Therapies

for wellness, prevention, and cure...


Investing in Your Health Today
​Should Bring a Long Healthy Life Tomorrow

Let's face it... Most of us have just about killed ourselves eating the good ol' American diet. Cheeseburgers, fries, and cokes have just about destroyed our immune systems. This is because our bodies must have oxygen to thrive. And when you eat the standard diet (that many eat today) you find your body is loaded with toxins and pathogens and has turned acidic (without oxygen).

This is the PERFECT environment for metabolic disease to jump up and get its foot in your door. By the time the symptoms show themselves anywhere from 7-10 years has passed and whatever has decided to attack you has a big head start.

Even when you try to eat healthy foods we still must deal with pesticides, fertilizers, water from a treatment system that does not do a good job of filtering all of the chemicals from water run-off and pills that go down the toilet. With all that modern life affords us one thing is certain... it has come at a great price!

Doesn't it make more sense to invest in yourself... in your life?

Think about it!

We all change the oil and filters in our cars to avoid costly repairs.
Yet, when it comes to our own lives we seem to think that it is better to wait for a breakdown, or something a breakdown will never come, it only happens to other people or families.

REALLY? Look around.

Most of the people you know are all plagued with health-related issues. High blood pressure, diabetes, and arthritis seem to be taking a toll and many of our loved ones. They too thought they would never breakdown. But I bet they all religiously changed the oil in their cars. What do you think?

What good does it do to have a family vacation house and a car that runs really well because you changed the oil and filter (to keep it from having costly repairs in the future) when you can't even get around without a lot of pain or trouble breathing?

Don't laugh!  Look around.

Changing diet,
finding out the best food for both your body type and blood type,
maybe this is the key to reducing traditional family health conditions?

​IV Therapies...

Targeting Nutrition. After a comprehensive examination and bloodwork, we design an IV Program just for you! Our goal is to get ahead of any problems before they raise their ugly heads. These therapies detox and supercharge your body.

How Often is This Done?

We perform this therapy three times per week. Then a week of rest and then we repeat it one more time. It is simple and quick, BUT it may just be your ounce of prevention.

We have programs for Weight Loss, Weight Gain, Hormonal Problems, Sugar Diabetes, Arthritis, Heart Conditions - including circulation, Nerve Damage - including early stage Paraplegic, Parkinson Disease, Skin Problems, Jumpy Legs, Sleeping Problems, Mobility Problems, Digestive Problems, Concentration and MANY more.

When we target one health condition, we design the IV therapies around 2 to 5 conditions. Leading to healthier longevity, improved energy, and a wellbeing that is sure to get your attention. After all, when we feel good it's easy to spot.

We have over 50 IV Therapy combinations.

Talk to our team -- explain the health problem -- and let's get you feeling GREAT again!

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