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Firstly thank you to those who take the time to give a testimonial.

Although we can never guarantee results, one thing for sure is that the fundamentals of health is very clear to me.

In using these fundamentals, I have been blessed to share the knowledge and
help people
 make changes that make for a quality of life difference and reverse the health problem...

Most of our clients fly in from every continent in the world...

To experience a major health change by doing 5-weeks to 3-months Programs.

Local X-PATS have the luck of having us here as your place to go for 

an English Speaking specialist medical practitioner, nurses and health facility.

December 28, 2020


TO: The Atlantis Health Retreat

ATT: Dr, Pablo, Dr. Cesar, all care-givers, nurses, and office staff ..

FROM: L.L. Walls
PO Box 21207
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73156 USA

Dear Dr. Pablo,

I wish, once again, to express my gratitude to you, Dr, Cesar, and your caring staff, for the "life-saving" care you all gave to me.

My wonderful sister Suzi is my caregiver and began desperately seeking a doctor or hospital to assist with my care, as an appointment, without weeks of delay in the Ecuador health care system, was problematic when I was struggling with pain, and mistakenly thought the cause was an old ulcer flare-up.

Suzi and I had previously met Dr. Pablo at a dinner hosted by Rick, a friend of ours, and we knew Atlantis was successful and well known for its work with major diseases, such as cancer. But we were unaware of the vast scope of the healing powers of the Atlantis personalized protocols for health restoration.

Our winter home in Salinas, Ecuador is very near the Atlantis Retreat in Chipipe. As my health deteriorated, Suzi called Dr. Pablo at the Atlantis Spa, regarding a possible hospital referral, available for an emergency, as I had been without the ability to keep anything in my system for six weeks, was severely dehydrated, weak, bed-bound, and internal organs were beginning the "shut-down" process. When Suzi explained the situation and reported symptoms to Dr. Pablo, he said he would meet us at his office, and instructed Suzi to IMMEDIATELY get me transported to the Atlantis in Chipipe, Ecuador.

Upon arrival, and some initial testing, Dr. Pablo and his amazing Care Team began to administer an IV for my severe pain and major dehydration. As I was receiving my initial IV, the Atlantis professional staff had a team consultation, to design a personal healing protocol for me. My three-month intensive protocol included daily IVs and a variety of Atlantis supplemental treatments and procedures for over a week, then IVs three times a week, and nurses came to administer my shots and medication to our Salinas home, on days when I was not on IVs at the Atlantis.

One of the most important missions of Dr. Pablo, Dr. Cesar, the Nurses, and Staff, is the manner in which they keep the caregivers and family, completely informed of the patient's protocol tests, scans and x-rays of progress results, and the reasons for any changes in treatments. Suzi has stated over and over, that she was never anxious or concerned about my health treatment and healing process, after she turned me over to what we refer to, as the Atlantis Angels, and we were given hope when I was out of pain and starting the healing process within a few hours of being admitted as a patient. Pain Management is the first priority for the healing process.

Another very important advantage of being a patient of the Atlantis is the fact that the Doctors and Staff are not only gracious, patient, and kind, but they are also Bi-Lingual !! Being in a foreign country, it is frightening when dealing with health issues, not to be completely conversational in the health technical language of the country.

Also, whenever I was sent to another health facility, hospital, clinic, or specialized x-ray office for procedures or testing, there was always an Atlantis doctor or staff member who accompanied me, translating and closely monitoring all aspects of the procedure.

During my protocol, I was admitted to a local hospital for an endoscope procedure, revealing that a very old gallbladder surgery had been performed incorrectly, causing damage to stomach/intestine connection, and the reason my body was in a complete passage shut-down, distorting my stomach shape, resulting in a very rare and deadly bacteria which caused a "life-threatening" condition.

Had Suzi not gotten me to the Atlantis Health Retreat when she did, and into the care of Dr. Pablo, Dr. Cesar, the Caring and Attentive Staff, my future would have been very different, I would have died at the age of 75. Now I am grateful for the opportunity to be celebrating another birthday in three weeks, and my continued periodic Atlantis Good Health reviews, with Dr. Cesar and Dr. Pablo closely monitoring my whole-body wellness, I am set for another few decades of healthy living with the Natural Health Passion and Knowledge of everyone at the Atlantis.


Forever Grateful to Dr. Pablo, Dr. Cesar & the Atlantis Staff


Jo M.

General Health


December 27, 2020
To Whom It May Concern:

Please accept this letter as a positively glowing reference of Atlantis Health as well as a rousing recommendation for the doctors and staff.

I have been a patient of theirs now for several months, after receiving their contact information from a friend, during which time I have received care far superior to that I ever received in the United States. Not only did they get me on the schedule immediately, but the doctors also looked at my case on a very individual basis. They also take all the time in the world to speak with me (and not at me!) to fully understand my concerns and are excellent with their follow-up. They have made themselves available to me on weekends and holidays and also call and message me to check to see how I am faring. All I need to do is call and they accommodate my schedule and get me right in for treatment.

I also appreciate that they look at a patent’s condition from many angles and determine the best mix of care for the specific need. It isn’t all about giving the patient pills (as is so common in the United States) and sending him/her on their way, at Atlantis, it is about caring for the patent in total. They truly excel in this area.

The support staff is so professional and have made deliveries directly to my home when I was too ill to venture out, also unheard of in the United States. They have also come and drawn blood and taken it directly to the lab on my behalf.

The facility is the most cleanly I have ever been in, which is so important in this time of Covid concerns. The staff observes all sanitation protocols and is exceedingly professional in respect for patient privacy and is attentive to patient needs at all times.

If I can offer any additional clarification, please do not hesitate to contact me at any of the contact number I provided above.

/s/ Jo Ann

Blood Pressure Exam

Oscar C.

Health Review


To whom it may concern:
My wife and I have been in the Salinas area for nearly eight years.

We first met Dr. Pablo at a time our dog (Betto) was suffering from cancer. I had a friend who was under Dr Pablo's care tell me that I should call him about Betto. I did not think he would help because Betto is a dog. However, much to my surprise he came to our home. He told me that Betto's cancer was greatly advanced but still offered his services without cost.

I only mention this event to point out that Dr Pablo is a very giving and caring man. He knew we were suffering because of our dog and he showed empathy which helped us through that ordeal.

Needless to say, we were excited that this man would reach out to help total strangers. This leads us to visit his clinic. We felt that anyone who cares as much as Dr Pablo would be great for helping us with our health issues as we grow older.

Knowing the heart of Dr. Pablo it did not surprise us to discover that his entire staff was exactly like him. The nurses, the other staff, and the doctors were all helpful and courteous.

We had full exams and bloodwork. And as it turns out we were finally able to understand why we are having some of our health issues... we were both super low in magnesium. And without sufficient magnesium, serious health conditions such as heart attacks are more likely to occur.

My wife had worked for Blue Cross Blue Shield (the largest health insurance company in the US) for nearly 40 years. Even with her knowledge and having the best doctors at our disposal they were not able to identify and help us with a solution for our health concerns.

So, it goes without saying, Atlantis Salud Spa has become an important part of our lives.

They go the extra mile to find solutions for our health issues and we find that impressive.



Physiotherapy Session

My Tale of Surviving Cancer by Graham Jenkins Testimonial non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and Leukemia Dated March 16th 2005

Hi, I am Graham Jenkins. And this is my tale of survival!

Few years back, my status in life was of a man going through the pain of dreadful cancer who had given up every hope of survival. After all, living life was uncertain while death appeared to be the most certain thing in my life.

Fortunately, I came to know about Dr Pablo Rana’s program in October last year after long 16 months of chemotherapy that restrained me from two cancers. Well, I was unlucky enough to be being diagnosed with two cancers- leukemia and non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

So, I went through a 16 months old long treatment! Was told I was in full remission.

I was then asked to do a stem cell collection by my oncologist because the odds were I can get the cancers back again and once it comes back it can be very aggressive. So I agreed to do that. During that process of having stem cell collection I had to inject myself with a stimulating factor to stimulate stem cells from the bone marrow. But I’m convinced these stimulation factors actually started the tumor growing again because within about three weeks I had large tumors popping out of my neck and out my groin. So I knew that I was in for another new battle.

I went back to my oncologist finding him to be the best option in my distressed condition.

His immediate suggestion was to stop the stem cell collection and start the process of chemotherapy again. I gave it a thought. But after 16 months of long treatment the idea of doing the same thing, and getting the same result was not for me. I said, “No thank you, I will look for something else”. I did not want to get back to the same treatment all over again.

During my 16 months of chemotherapy treatment, I had done a bit of research on the internet and came across some alternatives that were scientifically proved and had worked. I wanted to get hold of the fellow who provided such treatments but was not able to do so in Australia, so I was organizing to go to a Mexico Clinic. But after my long search on the internet I was looking at traveling overseas when I met someone in hospital that mentioned a man by the name of Paul Rana, that we refer to as Dr Pablo that was soon to open a cancer clinic and I was actually the first person to walk into the clinic at Port Melbourne in October, 2004. My tumors were like golf balls growing out of my head, neck, groin and stomach.

By the end of the week just before Christmas, I had no tumors and no pain. All gone! I was totally relieved.

It has been a really interesting journey because I learnt so much about myself, my body and just the fact that I had a choice to make the decision to go for alternative which was a big thing for me. During my treatment, I had to take B17 tablets, laetrile injections and Vitamin C drips. I also done the High PH Therapy, the X+Y=Z Program designed by Dr Pablo. I also enjoyed the hyperbaric sauna and infrared sauna, they tended to increase my energy and make me feel overall better. I had lost every hope of my survival with the options of the painful chemotherapies left for me. I felt that I really did not have much of an option to go back orthodox and still have a chance to live. For me it has worked a truly excellent service! And I thankPablo and the Rana family for that.

The RANA system has a manual that with the workshops and practitioner support teaches about 10 recommended therapies like diet, parasite cleanse, nutrition and emotional as well as positive support. Then you start the cancer fighting therapies like laetrile, IV Vitamin C and the High PH Therapy. The recommended therapies work effectively for me showing results within a few months.

Well! I enjoyed the program and more than that I have enjoyed being in the in the man's company, and everyone that works with Pablo Rana, teachings, The Rana Program, that I decided to join the company. I find the work very rewarding, I am very happy working here and I’m enjoying every moment. I thank you all for coming tonight to this presentation and listening to my story.

UPDATE: Paul Rana is now in South America and opening a new clinic with more choices. The laws in South America are open to alternative therapies and the lower cost of employing good staff means that a program that combines $100,000 in therapies and treatments if in Australia can now be offered at less on a three months treatment plan.


They also call Paul DrPablo, a nickname given to him by his North American Staff and friends. His not a traditional doctor, but he is my doctor and the best doctor I can recommend for cancer. He is a researcher and a must go to! Caring person that loves his work and the people he helps. His Australian clinic was closed because of his choices to put us clients first.

God Bless him..

To whom it May concern:

My name is Fausto Miño, I am an Ecuadorian songwriter and producer.

In the month of November 2020, I met Dr. Paul Rana of Australian origin and I was able to learn with great emotion about the project he has in the province of Santa Elena.

I was able to witness the immense joy with which their patients (most of them evicted by catastrophic illnesses in their countries of origin) recovered from their difficulties in their facilities, these people joked and celebrated life as if they were on vacation in the Caribbean, I say it in honor of the truth and without exaggeration.

Dr. Rana took an hour of his time to explain his huge project to create a "school for Ecuadorian doctors" so that they can distribute this knowledge from Ecuador to the world. This project plans to create hundreds of professionals with new knowledge about the treatment of catastrophic illnesses and jobs of more than a hundred people,

Personally, I have decided to selflessly support this project and I am excited that our country can give rise to such an important movement for health and life.


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