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​At Atlantis Health ReTreat the Client is
Our #1 Priority

​​One thing that you will soon discover is Dr. Pablo believes in going the extra mile for his clients. Have you ever noticed… a lot of people say things like this, but they are never willing to put their money where their mouth is?  Dr. Pablo is the exception and he wants you to feel comfortable with choosing EITHER the Home Program or our Facility Program. Therefore, he makes the following Guarantees...

Home Program Guarantee

If you decide to upgrade to our 3-Month Facility Program—we credit 100% of the money you paid for the Home Program.

​The reason Dr Pablo and Atlantis Health ReTreat make this GUARANTEE is because we understand that you may be waiting on reports and scans and may want to get started proactively fighting your disease (whether it is cancer or autism).

However, should you decide that you want to come to our facility (and step up the intensity of the program) you do not have to worry about being out of pocket for the price of one of our Home Programs. Just contact us and tell us you desire to upgrade and we subtract every dollar you have given us from the total cost of our 3-Month Facility Program.

​There are no hidden catches. You get the entire 3 months just like all of the people that sign up for our 3-Month Facility Program.

Facility Program Guarantee

People who come to our facility (with cancer, autism or stroke) are given a little different Guarantee.

For example... Let's suppose you come to us with cancer.

The first thing we need to know is what type of cancer we are fighting. Next, point out the locations of any tumors. Let's just suppose that you tell us you have a 2cm tumor and the other is a 3cm tumor. Once we understand what cancer we are fighting, the location of these tumors and the specifics we make the following guarantee...

1)  If near the end of the 3-Month Facility Program we see that the tumors are shrinking but not yet gone we allow you to either...

  • stay longer - or

  • take a break (to be with your family) and return shortly...

At which point we will resume treatment of the cancer for a low fee of $7,750 per 4 weeks. This helps us cover our out of clinic expenses, lodging, meals, picking up and dropping you off for scans, etc. It is important for you to note... NOTHING changes for you!  

(2)  The same guarantee applies if cancer returns to the same area within 12 months. The same low monthly fee and we continue until we have achieved success.

(3)   Every year, for your truthful story, testimonial, and to help keep new clients positive, you can return for 2 weeks of free IV therapies to keep cancer away... Just pay out of pocket accommodation and flights.

Please understand there is an exception... 

If you have a DIFFERENT cancer occurring somewhere else in the body than this Guarantee does not apply.
However, we will certainly look after you as an established client.

Let me give a real world example... A client came for a few tumors in which we were made clear of their size, location and cancer type before they arrived. The tumors were in the range of 2cm - 3cm each. However, after starting treatments another much large tumor (15cm) was identified in a none scanned area, then this tumor would NOT be covered under our Guarantee. This is a tumor in which the client was unaware.

Please understand that we invest all of our energies, knowledge and skill sets to fight for the lives of our clients.
We fight for you and your life just as we would would for one of our family members! 

*All is subject to our terms and conditions.
Price does not cover flights and travel insurance,
which we strongly recommend when traveling outside of your home country.

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