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Our Specialties


What kind of conditions do we specialize in?

  • General Wellbeing = X-Pat Health:
    English Speaking Doctors
    By appointment on Friday, Saturday & Sunday


  • Programs to fight Cancer:
    All Types... Stage 1, Stage 2, Stage 3, Stage 4,
    We offer 5 weeks to 3-month programs.
    Our 3-month program offers a guarantee.


  • Stroke Programs:
    5-week program


  • Autism Program:
    5-week program (3 days a week)


  • Programs designed for your health condition:
    Day visits, 14-day programs
    This includes all chronic illnesses
    as well as those committed to maintaining their health.


  • Our minimum age requirement is 18 years, except for Autism, all ages.



Request a callback

by emailing us at...

+ 1 (877) 891-1368 International
24 hour 7 days a week

USA Toll-Free: 877 891-1368 

24 hours a day

Our facilities combine the TOP 10 known Alternative Cancer Therapies.
  • Atlantis combines the most effective alternative treatments available with our highly qualified medical staff. Some services are exclusively available from Atlantis Only.

  • Our team of professionals will evaluate all your reports and we are happy to give a second opinion to evaluate if your overall condition would be a fit for our one of our programs. Your reports are reviewed by our medical team who have input into the choices available.

  • We offer a one-hour phone consult with Dr. Pablo to help in your final decision-making process. 

We are not a hospital...

Clients must be ambulatory... meaning they must be able to walk and meet their own personal needs.


The exception would be if a client had their own attendant.
We have a 24-hour nurse available by arrangement.


We are a day facility. For those who come for one of our 30-day programs (or more) a fully equipped apartment is included. Your entire family is invited to join you on your journey. Your apartment is within walking distance of our facility. And you don't have to lift a finger as housekeeping is also provided.

Your apartment comes with a fully equipped kitchen. However, if you prefer we can have your meals catered and the cost ranges from $5 - $15 a meal. 

For those that prefer to dine out, we have a wide array of local restaurants.


Our goal is for you to enjoy your results and your stay so much that you don't want to leave.


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