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GcMAF is a
Macrophages Activating Factor

Life-Changing Therapy for Cancer, Autism ​& all Recovery
GcMAF is an autoimmune system turn on switch!

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Macrophages, the front line of our Immune System
Short video explains there importance

​All Healthy People Have Approximately 200 Billion Macrophages—But People with many metabolic diseases such as cancer and autism do not. Cancer cells and viruses produce 'Nagalase' an enzyme which... Deactivates and Stops The Production of Macrophages.

THE BAD NEWS—without sufficient Macrophages—Those with serious metabolic diseases (cancer, autism, diabetes, and more) have no way to battle the very thing that is trying to destroy their lives.

THE GOOD NEWS—Atlantis offers GcMAF Replacement Therapy which in turn activates and multiplies BILLIONS upon BILLIONS of your body's Macrophages—giving you the upper hand in your battle against serious diseases.

Let us Learn and Understand GcMAF
The Missing Link
               GcMAF re-starts your own immune system…

What are Macrophages?


Macrophages' role in our health is beyond comprehension.

Macrophages are the immune system's front line of protection. They are continually roaming the body looking for cells that are not normal healthy cells. Once they identify an intruder they do several things simultaneously. They engulf and destroy these invaders while alerting the immune system so it can send marching orders to other killer cells.

Even when the body is not under attack, the macrophages play an important role as scavengers of dead cells. Dead cells occur as a natural cycle-of-life or from injury. Either way, without the removal of these dead cells your body would soon find itself suffering from unbearable toxic loads.


What is GcMAF

​GcMAF (Glycoprotein Macrophage Activating Factor) is a naturally occurring protein found in the human body that activates Macrophages (the immune systems first responders). Bacteria and viruses, including serious diseases and many viral and non-viral chronic disease are eliminated by macrophages. So basically, GcMAF stimulates the body’s immune system to defend itself. Which in turn prevents diseases from spreading unchecked.

If GcMAF occurs naturally in the body then why do I need more?​

​Research has proven that cancer cells and viruses secrete an enzyme called Nagalase. Nagalase is associated with many metabolic diseases. (If you do not understand what metabolic diseases are and how they occur, you may want to stop and learn about this now.) As the Levels of nagalase INCREASE the Levels of macrophages DECREASE. Because this enzyme deactivates and stops the production of macrophages, people with a compromised immune system soon find themselves with too much nagalase and not enough macrophages.

​Research has proven that cancer cells and viruses secrete an enzyme called Nagalase. Nagalase is associated with many metabolic diseases. (If you do not understand what metabolic diseases are and how they occur, you may want to stop and learn about this now.) As the Levels of nagalase INCREASE the Levels of macrophages DECREASE. Because this enzyme deactivates and stops the production of macrophages, people with a compromised immune system soon find themselves with too much nagalase and not enough macrophages.

Disease, cancer, viruses, infections, inflammation or even stress or trauma may succeed in releasing sufficient Nagalase enzymes to incapacitate the Gc protein, which in turn prevents the body from making its own GcMAF.

Without macrophages your body is left defenseless against all pathogens and disease.

How does GcMAF Replacement Therapy work?

​One of the most obvious questions is... if nagalase is so powerful that it can deactivate and stop the production of macrophages, then how is GcMAF Replacement Therapy going to help anything?

The good news is that while nagalase has the power to deactivate the Gc protein in your body, it does not recognize the GcMAF used in this therapy and will not and cannot destroy its ability to activate macrophages.

​"...GcMAF, probably one of the MOST POTENT MACROPHAGES ACTIVATORS so far discovered."

How long does externally introduced GcMAF last once injected?

​The life of GcMAF is one week if taking injections. For this reason, GcMAF must be administered sufficient times to rid the body of its overburden of nagalase at which point your own immune system is able to operate properly without any outside help.

​​The new GcMAF can then again fight bacteria, viruses, and infections which was its original job in the first place. GcMAF is therefore a replacement therapy for those who can’t make their own GcMAF. Taking GcMAF replaces the missing part of the immune system, and acts as the body’s own internal medicine.

What happens next?

​What do the Medical Journals
​Have to say about Macrophages?

At a certain point, your Macrophage Level becomes HIGHER than the LEVEL of Nagalase. At this point, the GcMAF injections are no longer required because your immune system no longer needs outside assistance. Without being overburdened by nagalase, your body is able to once again activate and produce new macrophages. Your immune system is now on its way of riding your body of your particular metabolic disease.

​Whether it is cancer, autism or some other disease your immune system is now fully engaged. Once engaged in your battle, your odds of healing are GREATLY increased. ​

​Macrophages are at the core of our very survival...

"... DBP (Vitamin D Binding Protein or Gc Protein responsible for activating Macrophages) may be ESSENTIAL for normal DEVELOPMENT and SURVIVAL." ~ScienceDirect  (a peer-reviewed Journal)

"An ESSENTIAL component of the innate IMMUNE SYSTEM, Macrophages are phagocytic cells (cells that engulf and destroy) that multiply in response to an infection within the body. Macrophages distinguish, overwhelm, and obliterate pathogens, cancer cells, and foreign substances."

And here is yet another article regarding the importance of macrophages published on the National Institute of Health (NIH)...

"Macrophages that are present in virtually all tissues are important immune effector cells (cells that respond to stimulus and effect change). Macrophages sense not only injury and infection but also other types of noxious conditions such as hypoxia (cells and tissue deprived of oxygen) and metabolic stress (imbalance in the body). Moreover, macrophages fulfill many trophic functions (functions related to nutrition)  that are essential for tissue maintenance and homeostasis (maintaining stability in the body), and presumably for stress adaptation to promote tissue repair and restoration of homeostasis. Macrophages respond to endogenous and exogenous danger signals by changing their functional phenotype (ability to change) to fulfill their roles as sensors, transmitters, and responders of inflammation that are required for host defense wound healing, and immune regulation."

That sounds like a mouthful, but the reality is that without Macrophages our Immune

Systems would be nonfunctional leaving us DEFENSELESS against ALL DISEASE!  

You may be wondering how the macrophages make a determination as to which cells to eat.​

On the outer membrane of the cells, there are proteins that act like ID tags which enable the immune system (which has not been compromised) to distinguish between healthy cells and invaders.
Once the invader is identified—the macrophages travel to that site to destroy the uninvited intruder.

Macrophages play an extremely important role even in a healthy body because the average body makes about 259 BILLION red blood cells per day. This means the same amount must die, right?
This is not counting the billions of other cells that also die. It's easy to understand that without the Macrophages mopping up these dead cells—your body would quickly find itself overburdened.

What Happens if My Immune System Has Been Compromised?

​If your immune system has been compromised it is difficult for the Macrophages to be plentiful enough to do their job. To complicate matters, cancer cells and viruses secrete an enzyme known as alpha-N-acetylgalactosaminidase (also called Nagalase) which blocks the conversion of Gc Protein to MAF (Macrophage Activating Factor). Without the Macrophages being activated the cancer cells are now able to escape detection and destruction and cancer (or immunodeficiency diseases such as autism and diabetes) are free to ravage the body. To exacerbate the problem these people are now also prone to other infections.

How Can My Immune System Become Compromised?

There are many varied FACTORS that lead to our immune systems becoming compromised and failing to protect us, as you will see from the shortlist below. However, each of these factors points to the suppression of our Macrophages... including, eating an unhealthy diet.

It also appears that an enzyme called Nagalase is present during times our bodies are stressed. This enzyme is known to stop the production and activation of Macrophages.

Macrophages are bold frontline warriors that lead the charge for our Immune Systems against all invaders including: viruses, bacteria, fungi, toxins, pathogens, cancer cells, and more. Macrophages engulf and destroy the enemy.

As our body's first line of defense, the macrophages alert the immune system to the invasion--the immune system then alerts the rest of the troops to prepare for battle. Without the macrophages signaling the immune system, your entire system is effectively shut down.

​Without the Macrophages, your immune system is taken out of the battle and your body will never fully recover from the disease.

Here are a few FACTORS that cripple our Macrophages--which in turn causes the disruption of the body's ability to breakdown nutrients (in order to produce energy). This stops the Immune System from operating at peak performance--which then leads to Metabolic Disease (cancer, autism, diabetes, etc). (NOTE: Because this information is important - it has been used several times throughout our different articles.)

  • Nutritional Deficiency
    The Western Diet, consisting primarily of acidic foods (foods lacking in oxygen) reduces the oxygen in the body. And oxygen is required for normal healthy cells to produce energy and for the immune system to continue performing optimally. These foods include... highly processed foods, highly refined substances, food additives, food chemicals, etc. This lack of oxygen in our foods sets up an acidic environment in our bodies and when a cell encounters a carcinogen, the oxygen supply to the cell is cut off. The cell mutates and starts creating its energy from the fermentation of sugar instead of oxygen. Which in turn exacerbates the acidity of the body. NOTE: "Adicity contributes to carcinogenesis by altering the state of macrophage activation (lowering the activation of macrophages)" ~British Journal of Cancer. Malnutrition is characterized by low plasma Gc Protein that activates Macrophages. ~ScienceDirect   Here we see this acidic environment lowers the activation and production of macrophages.​​​

  • Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR)
    Radiofrequency waves, x-rays, microwaves, infrared, ultraviolet, gamma rays--to name a few, are examples of EMR. And the devices that emit these rays are... Power lines, microwaves, cellular phones, computers, Wi-Fi, smart meters, etc.​ NOTE: In the International Journal of Radiation Biology appears a research paper titled: "Exposure to radiation from single or combined radio frequencies provokes Macrophage dysfunction." Our results indicated a decrease in phagocytic activity and an increase in inflammation . . . The phagocytic activity of macrophages decreased in all groups as exposure time increased." In summary, EMR destroys the production and activation of Macrophages. Since Macrophages are the Immune System's Frontline Defense which stimulates the immune system, the Immune System is GREATLY compromised.

  • Environmental Toxins
    Include mercury, lead, other heavy metals, chemicals in food, pesticides, various drugs from human waste which are not filtered out in your local water treatment plant, fluoride, chlorine, diesel exhaust particles (DEP), and much more. It is truly disheartening the number of chemicals we are plagued with today in our “modern” world. All of these are not only toxic to the body but increase acidity which lowers the available oxygen. NOTE: In the NIH the article is titled... "Macrophage phagocytosis: effects of environmental pollutants, alcohol, cigarette smoke, and other external factors" in which it is reported... "The accumulated data support the importance of studying the mechanisms of phagocytosis (macrophage engulfing pathogens and toxins) following exposure to these factors (environmental), in that this effect alone cannot only leave the host susceptible to infection but also promote alterations in many other macrophage functions necessary for pathogen clearance and restoration of homeostasis (internal balance and equilibrium)."

  • Vaccines
    (click here for each manufacturers list of viruses, toxins, neurotoxins, animal and human DNA used in their vaccines which are hosted on the website) Prepare yourself—this information will forever alter your view of vaccinations being either safe or necessary. NOTE: Viruses secrete an enzyme called Nagalase that stops the activation and production of Macrophages. These Macrophages play a lead role in the activation of your immune system. Consider... "Nagalase activity resides on an outer envelope protein of the influenza virion..."


  • Immunosuppressive Pharmaceutical Drugs

  • Smoking
    "Cigarette smoking infuses the respiratory tract with toxins, causing abundant, long-lasting consequences even after smoking cessation (stopping). Among those consequences is a chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), which is projected to soon be the third leading cause of death worldwide . . . alveolar Macrophages are responsible for clearing pathogens, particulate matter, and cellular debris from the lung, and any impairment in this process is likely to have deleterious physiologic (harmful) consequences. For example, poor phagocytosis (a process of engulfing and destroying pathogens by Macrophages) is known to negatively correlate with lung function in COPD. Conversely, rescuing diseased alveolar Macrophage function may prove of therapeutic benefit." NOTE: WOW! I cannot believe that the NIH tells us that by restoring the functionality of the Macrophages that it could produce a therapeutic effect. They have just ADMITTED that Macrophage Replacement Therapy is a VIABLE THERAPY! More about this later.

  • Alcohol ​
    "... the alveolar Macrophage plays a central role in the maintenance of alveolar homeostasis (self-regulating process to maintain stability), lung host defense, and immune regulation . . . A growing body of evidence suggests that chronic ingestion of alcohol impairs many of these essential functions [REQUIRED FUNCTIONS], including phagocytosis (engulfing) of bacteria and ingestion of apoptotic (dead) cells. (Engulfing and destroying pathogens is the job of Macrophages.) It is therefore not surprising that chronic alcohol use places individuals at increased risk for pneumonia and development of acute respiratory distress syndrome." "Both acute (binge) and chronic (ongoing) alcohol use can affect the immune system at the level of innate or acquired immune responses. Altered inflammatory neutrophil, leukocyte, and macrophage functions after acute or chronic alcohol use contribute to impaired host defense against microbial infections," ~Oxford Academic


  • Lack of Exercise
    A research paper published on the U of I Research Journal states... "These findings bring up the possibility that exercise activates Macrophages." And another article states... "Macrophages are important effector cells (effects change) involved in phagocytosis (the process of engulfing and destroying pathogens by Macrophages), microbial killing and antitumor activity . . .  Exercise has potent stimulatory effects on phagocytosis, antitumor activity..." ~Wiley Library  "Anaerobic exercise reduces tumor growth, cancer cachexia (losing weight and muscle) and increases macrophage response" ~European Journal of Applied Physiology  SUMMARY: Exercise is very important in maintaining a healthy body and also in recovering from Metabolic Diseases, because it ACTIVATES, and INCREASES the response of your Macrophages. Exercising is easy enough to do and the benefits are HUGE!


  • Viruses (including HIV)
    NOTE: Viral infections secret enzymes called Nagalase which stops the activation and production of macrophages. Without macrophages, your body does not stand a chance of recovering from diseases. In a research publication, AIDS Research, and Human Retroviruses it is reported... Nagalase in the bloodstream of HIV-infected patients suggests that this enzyme is a viral gene product.


  • And other environmental and lifestyle factors​

  • Symptoms usually occur when the body’s metabolism comes under stress.

Did you notice that all of these different factors lead to the Immune System becoming compromised, BECAUSE of the suppression of Macrophages? Do you realize what we have just uncovered? All Metabolic Diseases are tracked back to the suppression of Macrophages regardless of what FACTOR caused the disruption. Depending on the level of suppression we could find ourselves vulnerable to a host of diseases.

The following are additional factors that destroy the immune system...

  • Radiation Therapy suppresses (destroys) the immune system and the bone marrow. Additionally, because the cells in your bone marrow are sensitive to radiotherapy—the number of Red Blood Cells (which transport oxygen throughout the body), White Blood Cells (which fight infection), and Platelets (which help the blood clot), Macrophages (destroy pathogens including cancer and regulates/controls the immune system), etc. Sometimes this decrease is temporary, however, it can also be permanent. Either way, this is truly not a good thing, because the bone marrow is where all new cells are generated.  Without new cells, your life is in jeopardy. NOTE: "Radiation therapy for cancer. Exposure to large doses of radiation, such as those given during radiation therapy for cancer, increases the risk of bone cancer in the future." ~Mayo Clinic  


  • Chemo also destroys the immune system with copious amounts of toxins. Many chemo drugs also damage your bone marrow. Bone marrow is where all new cells are generated. Without these new cells, your Immune System is effectively destroyed. Once the bone marrow has been destroyed your life is not long for this world. Additionally, chemo may cause death, cancer, deadly tumors, mutations, and more. Check out the destruction done by chemo here.

  • Both Chemo and Radiation Therapies make the body more toxic--lower the pH to a more acidic state—suppress the immune system—have the potential of interfering with the production of new cells in the bone marrow—and because BOTH of these therapies are NOT selective they kill BOTH healthy cells and cancer cells. Additionally (when your white blood cell count is lower than normal) you have an increased chance of getting an infection which in turn further suppresses the immune system-- which is the only way you have of fighting cancer or any other disease.

Please understand that once your immune system has been compromised, cancer and other health-related issues are left unrestricted to continue growing and wreaking havoc on your health.

Treat the Cause Not the Symptom!​​

In his book Alive and Well, Dr Philip E Binzel Jr, MD has this to say about treating cancer…

There is nothing in surgery that will prevent the spread of cancer. There is nothing in radiation that will prevent the spread of the disease. There is nothing in chemotherapy that will prevent the spread of the disease. How do we know? Just look at the statistics! There is a statistic known as "survival time." Survival time is defined as that interval of time between when the diagnosis of cancer is first made in a given patient and when that patient dies from his disease. In the past fifty years, tremendous progress has been made in the early diagnosis of cancer. In that period of time, tremendous progress had been made in the surgical ability to remove tumors. Tremendous progress has been made in the use of radiation and chemotherapy in their ability to shrink or destroy tumors. But, the survival time of the cancer patient today is no greater than it was 50 years ago.  

"What does this mean?

"It obviously means that we are treating the wrong thing!  We are treating the symptom — the tumor, and we are doing absolutely nothing to prevent the spread of the disease. 

"The only thing known to mankind today that will prevent the spread of cancer within the body is for that body's own defense mechanisms to once again function normally.
 That's what nutritional therapy does. It treats the defense mechanism, not the tumor.

"The woman with a lump in her breast is not going to die from that lump. The man with a nodule in his prostate gland is not going to die from that nodule. What may kill both of those people is the spread of that disease through the rest of their bodies. 

"They got their disease because of a breakdown of their defense mechanisms (immune system). The only thing that is going to prevent the spread of their disease is to correct the problem in those defense mechanisms.

"Doesn't it seem logical then, that we should be a lot less concerned with... What are we going to do about the tumor? -- and a lot more concerned about what we are going to do about their defense mechanisms?“    
(You can read the book for free by clicking here)

​GcMAF Replacement Therapy

Macrophages (literally Big Eaters) are like Pac-Man. They eat all foreign intruders to the body—including Cancer cells. 

​Macrophages are a type of white blood cell that distinguishes, overwhelms, and obliterates intruders by engulfing and digesting foreign substances such as... bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites, cancer cells, cellular debris, and anything else that does not have the type of proteins specific to healthy cells.​

​For those with compromised immune systems (your defense mechanism), GcMAF Replacement Therapy is the perfect way to kick-start your immune system. GcMAF activates the major component missing from the immune system (macrophages), which act as the body’s own internal medicine


It is not about introducing a foreign substance to the body—it is simply giving the body back what it should be producing naturally to re-facilitate a healthy immune system. The good news is that nagalase does not stop our GcMAF from working. Now your body is prepared to do battle with whatever is plaguing it!

​The medical journals agree, "...GcMAF, probably one of the MOST Potent Macrophage Activators so far discovered." ~

​Is There Proof That GcMAF is Effective Against Cancer?

Yes! This is putting it lightly.

From The International Journal of Cancer Research and Treatment...

​This person had END-STAGE PANCREATIC CANCER…“A 74-year-old female with pancreatic cancer, multiple liver metastasis and rheumatoid arthritis was admitted to hospice for terminal care. On October 4th, 2014, while in the hospice, she developed a high fever for which she was treated, unsuccessfully, with antibiotics. She lost consciousness on October 8th, 2014 and, two days later, she was temporarily transferred to another hospital for emergency tests and treatments. No evidence of pneumonia was found and, thus, on October 14th, 2014, she returned to hospice and received intravenous hyperalimentation (IVH) feeding. The patient remained in deep coma with continuing high fever and antibiotics not working but causing renal function disorder. On October 18th, 2014, she was diagnosed to have several hours to several days to live, so family members gathered to farewell her in the hospice. On that night, the patient's son began to apply colostrum MAF powder dissolved in a small amount of water to the lymphoid tissue areas in the mouth, 2 times per day. The next day the patient showed a reduction in the fever and, in 3 days, the fever had almost disappeared. On October 29th, 2014, after 3 weeks in coma, and 11 days after starting oral colostrum MAF, the patient opened her eyes and was able to follow movements with her eyes. On November 4th, 2014, the patient started to talk and wanted to eat, being surprised the month was already November. At this point, eating rehabilitation started, while, at the same time, continuing IVH. The doctor in the hospice said that this result was a miracle. It was the first case observed out of 2,000 patients who died in the same situation, thus rendering oral colostrum MAF an amazing medicine.”

(Note: At Atlantis we administer both oral and IV GcMAF. The IV is more potent and faster-acting.)

Please note that the doctors in the hospital did not administer the MAF. It was the woman's son. Had it not been for his due diligence (studying) his mom would have died. Even though she pulled out of the coma additional therapies would be required in order for this woman to have a fighting chance against end-stage cancer. But the good news is... she is alive and can continue on her path towards wellness.

You can find many numerous reports on the Internet about the efficacy of GcMAF. Even the National Institute of Health (NIH) offers proof of the efficacy of GcMAF. I use the word “even” because the NIH is NOT supportive of natural cures. This is because natural products cannot be patented meaning there is no way to turn the huge profits that drive the medical industry. For this and other reasons... one might say The Medical System is Broken.​ is a website where doctors and researchers can post their studies.
These research articles prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that Big Pharma and the Medical Cartel understand the importance of the immune system and natural healing.

  • ​​Here is an excerpt from a study involving BREAST CANCER:

    “...GcMAF-activated macrophages induce human BREAST CANCER cell apoptosis (cell death) and the subsequent reduction of the cancer cell mass following phagocytosis (cell-devouring process) of apoptotic (dead) cancer cells by macrophages.” In short... GcMAF activates macrophages which in turn destroy cancer cells.

  • Here is another excerpt from a research article on the efficacy of GcMAF regarding 16 PROSTATE CANCER patients:

    “Macrophages activated by GcMAF develop a considerable variation of receptors that recognize the abnormality in malignant cell surface and are highly tumoricidal. Sixteen nonanemic prostate cancer patients received weekly administration of 100 ng of GcMAF. As the MAF precursor activity increased, their serum Nagalase activity decreased. Because serum Nagalase activity is proportional to tumor burden, the entire time course analysis for GcMAF therapy was monitored by measuring the serum Nagalase activity.

    ​After 14 to 25 weekly administrations of GcMAF (100 ng/week), all 16 patients had very low serum Nagalase levels equivalent to those of healthy control values, indicating that these patients are tumor-free. No recurrence occurred for 7 years.” 

    ​Once again, the source is the NIH which has no desire to cure cancer, but instead treats its symptoms. Note: 100ng/week is low dosage.

This is a mere sampling of 542,000 articles using the keyword, “macrophage” (as of 07/2020). These studies make it MORE than obvious that macrophage immunotherapies are KEY to restoring a person's health.

​The abundance of research articles proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that Big Pharma and the Medical Cartel understand the importance of the immune system and natural healing.

HOWEVER, the FDA and the AMA will never allow GcMAF to become mainstream because it is a natural product that cannot be patented for huge profits. Not to mention, it would completely destroy the entire megastructure that supports cancer and the pharmaceutical industry worth trillions of dollars. So, while the research submitted to the NIH shows positive results—the AMA and FDA—are busy destroying doctors who are offering this therapy to their clients. Go figure. (Looks like another alternative treatment that must be silenced just like Laetrile (B17), doesn’t it?)  

Therefore, it goes without saying that GcMAF is one of the TOP therapies at Atlantis for helping your immune system accomplish its goals of destroying many health-related issues that people often face. It is also worth mentioning that Atlantis is amongst only a handful of facilities where you can even receive this particular therapy—especially intravenously.

  • NOTE: Cancer cells are loaded with Nagalase. Therefore, Nagalase is often used as a cancer marker—the less Nagalase the less cancer. However, it is important to note: Nagalase is a nonspecific marker of immune dysregulation. Therefore, the Nagalase marker is also used in people with autism. This is because it is highly suspected that viruses (which appear to be one of the root causes of Autism) also secrete Nagalase.

    Furthermore, Nagalase deactivates and suppresses the formation of Macrophages (the immune systems first responders). This enables cancer cells to grow and tumors to metastasize (spread) to other body organs and sites. And for those with other metabolic diseases, nagalase removes the macrophages from your battle with your health-related issue and you find yourself on the losing end of the stick.

    When GcMAF is administered it boosts the body's Macrophages which in turn engulf and destroy cancer cells and other uninvited intruders.

​What Other Health-Related Issues Does GcMAF Help?

GcMAF helps with so many health benefits because it activates and replenishes macrophages (your immune systems' first-line defenders). 


From the research, GcMAF has the potential to fight not only cancer cells (as it repairs the tissues and boosts the immune system), but also many other diseases that are also classified as metabolic diseases. GcMAF is effective in boosting the immune system, restoring energy levels, and activating up to 101 other strengthening factors.

  • All Autoimmune diseases

  • Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV)

  • Hepatitis B virus (HBV)

  • Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV)

  • Cystitis

  • Hepatitis C virus (HCV)

  • Multiple sclerosis (MS)

  • Urinary tract infection (UTI)

  • Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)

  • Rheumatoid arthritis (RA)

  • Endometriosis

  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)

  • Lyme disease (Lyme borreliosis)

  • IgA deficiency disorder

  • Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME)

  • Mycobacteria infections

  • Parkinson's disease

  • Tuberculosis

  • Fibromyalgia

Old and Young
  • Human papillomavirus (HPV)

  • Lupus (Systemic lupus erythematosus, SLE)


  • Dengue fever

  • Pneumonia infection

  • Warts caused by a viral infection

  • Norovirus

  • Malaria Influenza virus (flu)

  • Herpes simplex virus (HSV)

  • Q fever (Coxiella burnetii)

  • Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)

  • Chicken pox (varicella-zoster virus)

  • Psoriasis

  • Respiratory tract infections

  • Ulcerative colitis, Crohn's disease

  • Type 1 diabetes (T1DM), insulin-dependent diabetes (IDDM)

  • Type 1.5 diabetes, Latent autoimmune diabetes of adults (LADA)​​

Once again, the NIH articles point to Macrophages having positive effects and showing promising signs of restoring all types of health issues. Here are just a few excerpts from peer-reviewed sites...

  • ​“GcMAF, an endogenous glycosylated (vitamin D binding protein) responsible for macrophage cell activation has demonstrated positive effects in the treatment of AUTISTIC children.”​

  • A sampling of 40 individuals with AUTISM—age 1 yr. 4 months to 21 yrs. 2 months—32 males and 8 females - “...observations of GcMAF therapy indicated substantial improvements in language, socialization and cognition.” NOTE: In the case of autism we find elevated levels of nagalase even though there is no cancer. This is because nagalase is a nonspecific marker of immune dysregulation. Despite levels of nagalase activity well into the range of many cancer or HIV patients, the clinician elected not to exceed 100 ng/wk. All patients started on low doses that were increased gradually over the course of treatment. The doses ranged from 4ng to 100ng per week and were administered subcutaneously. ~Libertas Academica  

    (Even though the study lasted 16 weeks the patients only received 14 injections of GcMAF at these low doses. (4ng is so small you can barely even see it.)

  • “Conclusion: GcMAF shows therapeutic potency in the treatment of MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS” . . . “Patient WALKED with assistance after 4 yrs. Re-acquiring urinary control.”

  • “Conclusion: We demonstrate that colostrum MAF shows promising clinical results in patients with INFECTIOUS DISEASES and for SYPTOMES of FATIGUE, which is common in many chronic diseases.”

  • “Conclusion: The delicate balance of subpopulations within the macrophage compartment is increasingly appreciated within a DIVERSE RANGE of INFECTIONS, TUMOR, and AUTOIMMUNE DISEASE models. Pleiotropic (producing more than one effect) functions of macrophages, beyond widely-acknowledged microbicidal and phagocytotic roles, participate in the pathophysiology and regulation of disease, including inflammatory HEART DISEASE.”

How Can GcMAF be Administered?

Drug and Syringe
  • It can be injected near the location of the health issue including around the spine or any bones that may have problems.

  • It can be safely nebulized for issues in or near the lungs.

  • It can be taken intravenously (IV)

  • It can also be taken orally (depending on the site having issues). Note: it does not perform well with stomach acid.

​How is GcMAF Made and is it Safe?

Please understand that not all health related products are created equal. For example, let's suppose you wanted to buy a car. Are they all equal? Do some perform better than others? Do some stop quicker, accelerate better and have higher safety records than their competitors? You bet they do. GcMAF is no different.

There are several ways to develop this product. After talking with various clinics and doctors — we felt that when GcMAF is made from blood serum — the variables made us uncomfortable. So, after careful consideration and much research we chose a GcMAF product that is manufactured using colostrum. Our product is natural — safer — and yet it is VERY concentrated.


Colostrum is a milky substance produced by the breasts of mammals before birth and during the first few days following birth. Colostrum precedes the production of breast milk and plays a crucial role in building babies’ immune systems. Over 50% of colostrum is concentrated in protein. It is rich in vitamins, minerals, fats, and antibodies—which are important disease-fighting proteins produced by the immune system that attack and kill microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi, parasites, and viruses. The antibody level in colostrum can be as high as 100 times the level found in regular milk! There are also over 90 other components in bovine colostrum.

The GcMAF we use at Atlantis starts as colostrum. The manufacturing process is 49-steps and there are only a few manufacturers that can provide this high-quality product. The company we have joined forces with is a most professional and ethical company who after each batch of manufacturing subjects their GcMAF to multitudes of tests to ensure each batch is sterile and highly active (potent).

All of the product we purchase is submitted to a third party for verification guaranteeing the products purity, sterility and its potency in its ability to activate macrophages.

​Because this is a natural product derived from colostrum which simply increases your macrophages it is 100% safe and it is not possible to overdose.

Are All GcMAF Products Equal?

With GcMAF you must know what you are getting. All products are NOT created equal.
The potency of GcMAF is measured in ng/ml. The higher the ng/ml the higher the potency.
Depending on the concentration of the product it can vary from 100 ng/ml up past 2000ng/ml.
Our product—and this is important—is 2000ng/ml.
In other words, our GcMAF product is VERY concentrated especially considering it is from colostrum.

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