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What Makes Atlantis Different?​

Inputting together this article, I wasn't quite sure where to start. This is because there is so much difference between Atlantis's approach toward diseases and the approach that other facilities take (both Alternative and Orthodox). So please bear with me.

#1 Atlantis Educates Our Potential Clients 

At Atlantis, we truly believe the old adage... "Knowledge is Power."

  • How is one to decide what is best for your treatment if you don't know which to draw?

  • Who has a more vested interest in your health than you?

  • Because your health is EVERYTHING, it is essential that you understand the therapies being used and exactly what is being injected into your body. 


Therefore, at Atlantis, we feel we must share with you as much knowledge as possible to help you make a better-informed decision regarding the direction you may like to improve your health. 


For these reasons, we have loaded our site with peer-reviewed and documented research articles to help educate you on diseases that we treat. We try to cover all of the bases. We want you in a better place (to make an informed decision) rather than possibly misplacing your trust in treatment or therapy that will only take your healing process in the wrong direction. Or worse yet, blindly putting your trust in your doctor.


We urge you to take us to heart. Many doctors and facilities don't care to educate you because they are... doctors. You know... they know what is best for you and you don't need to know anything. 


​Nothing could be further from the truth. Hang with me for a minute, and you will soon understand why we want you educated and give you this warning.

#2 Atlantis uses Natural products

Most people who get cancer blindly trust the Medical System and their doctor to provide treatments that will help cure their cancer. Unfortunately, today the Medical System is more concerned with the money than they are with you being healed. The money is not in healing — it is in treating.

Before you get offended, please read a bit further so you can learn the truth about what the doctors inject into your body to "treat" your cancer.

All of this info is online and much of it comes from the Safety Data Sheets required for all chemicals. Much of this data also appears on inserts in the chemo product itself. Once you learn this truth you will not take chemo no matter what. 


  • Did you know that some chemo agents are derived from Mustard Gas? According to the "Sulfur mustard has been used in chemical warfare and was made in large amounts during World Wars I and II. It was reportedly used in the Iran-Iraq war in 1980-1988."

  • Did you know that chemo CAUSES CANCER? 

  • Did you know that chemo CAUSES DEATH?

  • Did you know that chemo causes DEADLY Tumor Lysis Syndrome?

  • Did you know that chemo DESTROYS your bone marrow? (This is CRITICAL for life!)

  • Did you know that chemo DESTROYS your immune system? (This is also CRITICAL.)

  • Did you know that you can experience heart FAILURE (even years later)?

  • Did you know that you can experience kidney FAILURE?

  • How do you cure cancer with an agent that causes CANCER and DEADLY TUMORS?

  • Not a single person would "treat" cancer with anything that is more threatening than the cancer itself.

Check out this info for yourself from data gathered from drug inserts, the FDA, Safety Data Sheets, the and more. We have provided info here and here. So much for the Hippocratic Oath... "First do no harm."

  • We know this is a bit hard to digest, so take your time.

  • This is one of the reasons why I told you a bit earlier to not trust your doctors. 

  • This is also one of the reasons we feel education is critical.

After all, some of you have already been treated by the Medical System to discover that the results were far from your expectations. Weak and exhausted, the last thing you need is to be sent in the wrong direction yet one more time. Time is the enemy. Therefore, we want to give you as much information as possible on the therapies we offer so you can make a decision as to whether or not they might be of benefit to you.  

​It is important that our clients feel comfortable in coming to Atlantis because your faith and trust will help your body heal quicker.


Atlantis has our clients best interests in our hearts. We truly abide by the golden rule... Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. 


  • We use natural products in our therapies.

  • Every therapy we offer BUILDS your immune system.​

#3 - Atlantis does not treat the "Symptom" 

Here are a few examples...


Orthodox medicine believes in treating the ​symptom"... the tumor.

Pay attention as you read traditional articles about treating cancer. They all focus on the importance of getting rid of the tumor. Just because the tumor is gone does not mean the cancer is gone. After all, tumors start with one single cancerous cell that your body is not able to detect and destroy, right?


Orthodox medicine treats the "symptom"... behavior. 

Traditional treatments give no thought to treating the root of the illness... the cause. Instead they treat the symptom... the behavior. Wouldn't it be a lot better to treat the root of the illness so your child has the possibility of leading a productive fulfilled life?

At Atlantis we get to the root cause of your disease. We do not treat the symptoms.

#4 - Atlantis knows most diseases are Metabolic and as such can be Treated 

Check out our article on metabolic disease. You will soon learn that most every disease comes from food not being able to be converted into sufficient energy for our bodies. When this conversion process is interrupted disease sets in. 

Regardless of the FACTOR that causes this disruption (of converting energy) the macrophages are suppressed. Depending on the level of suppression we could find ourselves vulnerable to a host of diseases. (More about this a little latter. Just suffice it to say that without Macrophages you do not have an immune system.)

Let's look at cancer.

The doctors tell us cancer is largely genetic.  Is this true? If it is, then why does the Medical System admit that cancer can be largely avoided by choosing a healthy diet? ~National Foundation for Cancer  It is important to note that even the National Institute of Health ( understands the importance that diet plays in preventing and/or curing cancer. Check it out here. What gives?  Obviously, the Medical System knows the truth but pretends not to so they can continue to push chemo and radiation (which they know are pure poisons).

Dr. Otto Warburg stated that carcinogens in our poor diets (from processed "foods") can cause a healthy cell to stop respiring oxygen. In this acidic environment (without oxygen) the cell now finds itself requiring sugar instead of oxygen to produce energy. By a process of fermentation the sugar is converted into energy. As the cancer progresses, the body finds itself in a state of severe acidity. In an acidic state, the immune system is unable to function. This downward spiral causes cancer to further progress. Additionally, this acidic environment lowers the activation and production of Macrophages. And since the Macrophages are the First Responders — which also signal the immune system that the body has been invaded — your immune system is basically non existent.

NOTE: Dr Warburg forever changed the way doctors view cancer because he published a work titled "The Warburg Effect." In it he states what we have just covered.  All oncologists must pass this course before graduation. This means that the medical industry understands that oxygen will destroy the acidic environment of cancer. In fact, they have known since the early 1920's when Dr Warburg published his work (100 years ago).

Now let's look at autism. 

Doctors want us to believe this is a genetic disease too.  (Notice the study is FUNDED by the NIH.)  If autism wasn't so serious this statement would be laughable. Ask yourself if it makes sense for autism to go from 1 in 5,000 (1980) to 1 in 36 (2020)? This represents a 13,788% INCREASE! And we are expected to believe it is genetic!? Do you believe this? 

Have you ever heard of the theory of Occam's Razor? It states... the simpler explanation is to be preferred. With this thought in mind, let's examine what has exponentially increased along with the rate of autism. You don't have to look very hard or give much thought to this question do you? It would be vaccines, right?

In 1980 children received about 8 vaccinations. In the year 2020 the babies (below the age of 6 months) received 16-18 vaccinations (receiving their first shot on day ONE)! Keep in mind that children under that age of 2yrs do not have a myelin sheath covering their nerves. This means they have no protection from anything. After all, when is it "normal" to dump viruses, toxins, heavy metals, and DNA from humans and a wide variety of animals into children? These "ingredients" easily destroy their nervous systems and in turn their immune systems. By the age of 2 they will have received 30 vaccinations and before they are out of school they receive over 56 injections of 73 doses of 30 different vaccines (according to the CDC)! 

You may want to check out the "ingredients" in vaccines. This list is on the website and is taken from manufacturers product inserts.

Guess what all of the different viruses and "ingredients" do to our young children? They shut down the production and activation of macrophages. And as you will soon learn, without Macrophages your immune system does not function.

Therefore, BOTH cancer and autism can be treated. We know this as a fact and the National Institute of Health ( provides all of the supporting research which we share with you on our website. 

For more information on autism please check out this article.

All of this to say... Metabolic Diseases can all be treated. This should give you peace of mind knowing that Atlantis will address the root cause of your illness and does everything possible to put you on the road to health. 

#5 - Atlantis takes a Holistic approach 

We address the needs of your entire body. We believe it is necessary to consider the mind and body as parts of the whole.

More and more people are turning towards Alternative Cancer Treatment Centers because the orthodox methods are so toxic and the results are rather dismal at best. Even so, your due diligence is required to ensure that the facility you choose is going to treat your cancer as you desire.

We tell you this because we have had people coming to us from clinics around the world informing us that oftentimes they have been administered chemo without their knowledge (*in an alternative facility). Upon hearing this I decided to investigate for myself and see what is taking place in the "alternative" field.

It appears that Alternative Cancer Treatment Centers are using many different words to describe their business models. Terms such as Integrative, Holistic, Alternative, and more. The problem is that these words are now confusing, and also seemingly meaningless today. I say this because regardless of the "type" of business model they "claim" to be, they might fake you out and slip in traditional chemo without your knowledge (just as clients have told us).

So let me set the record straight.

  • At Atlantis Health ReTreat we offer the most powerful natural therapies available.

  • We do NOT believe in using toxic chemicals to destroy your immune system and your health.

  • This means we do NOT offer chemo nor do we offer radiation.

There is only ONE way to health and these are our cornerstones...

  1. Do No Harm

  2. Getting out the Bad... toxins. Detox is a critical part of healing.

  3. Getting in the Good... vitamins, minerals, enzymes, antioxidants, and more, etc. You MUST have the appropriate nutritional balance in order for healing to take place.

  4. Reducing the overall Load on the body. Think about yourself. If you are like most people, you do NOT perform well under load or stress, right? Your body operates the same way. It is important to eliminate the load as quickly as possible so the immune system is taken out from under the load or stress it finds itself trying to operate under.

  5. Allow your God given immune system to do its job... healing you!

With that being said, please understand...

Over the years we have seen people come to our facility that from the looks of the cancer we would have expected a fast healing to take place. Unfortunately, (even though we have what we believe to be the most powerful therapies under one roof) it did not always go this direction. This is due to the one thing that many people often overlook. One of the most important things needed for recovery is something not all people bring with them. That one thing is faith. You may call it by some other name and that is fine. But without a core desire and a strong determination to beat this thing that others have told you will kill you, your chances for success are not as high as they could be. 

Even though some do not bring a faith, a belief that they will be or deserve to be healed, it is so critical that our staff and doctors help direct people into a new way of thinking. A way that allows them to see that there is hope and that it is a good thing to not only desire healing, but to also expect healing.

We also believe that your environment plays a large part of your success. 

Imagine trying to heal in an environment where you are bombarded with thoughts of guilt. You know, feelings of inadequacy. Some people feel like the most important thing is to tote their load or carry their weight. 

For the normal healthy person we agree. However, when faced with a healing crises it is truly important to remove yourself from that situation and put yourself into an environment that is continually focusing on you and your needs. Not the other way around. It is important that your mind is able to join the healing process.  

Process of Elimination

​Remember me telling you that clients were telling us that other alternative clinics were slipping in chemo and that I had to investigate this matter for myself? I did a Google search for "alternative cancer treatment centers" and started making a list of the clinics and the services they provide. I have to tell you, I was more than shocked at the results. Being in the alternative field myself, I felt saddened by the results. 

I could not believe how few of the "alternative" facilities use products that build the immune system and destroy the environment necessary for cancer to grow. Instead, I found that many of our "competitors" have gone to the dark side, just as we had been told.

Before selecting a facility to help you with your health issues please find the therapies offered and do your own research and comparisons. Once you have whittled down the field of possibilities then give those still standing a call. Ask difficult questions and see how you feel they each did in giving you guidance. 

Below you will find a chart of some of the top returned search results when searching for "Alternative Cancer Treatment Centers." (The therapies selected appear on their websites.)


(*) Our 3 month program includes your accomodations and all meals.

In making your selection I would like to tell you a little more about what makes us different. 


#6 - Atlantis offers GcMAF
(Macrophage Activating Factor)

Eliminate all facilities who do not offer GcMAF Therapy.

This may sound like a bold statement until you understand more about macrophages. Here's why we tell you this...

Macrophages are at the core of our very SURVIVAL ...

  • GcMAF (Macrophage Activating Factor) is ESSENTIAL for normal DEVELOPMENT and SURVIVAL. ~ScienceDirect  (a peer-reviewed Journal)

  • "An ESSENTIAL component of the innate IMMUNE SYSTEM, MACROPHAGES are phagocytic cells (cells that engulf and destroy) that multiply in response to an infection within the body. Macrophages distinguish, overwhelm, and obliterate pathogens, cancer cells, and foreign substances." ~Neuropsychiatry

  • Macrophages are present in virtually all tissues and are important immune effector cells (cells that respond to stimulus and effect change). Macrophages sense injury and infection, hypoxia (cells and tissue deprived of oxygen), metabolic stress (imbalance in the body) and functions related to nutrition. Macrophages have roles as sensors, transmitters, and responders of inflammation that are required for host defense, wound healing, and immune NOTE: "immune regulation" means that the macrophages are in charge. Macrophages are are responsible for restoration of homeostasis (balance in the body). Macrophages act as your bodies FIRST LINE OF DEFENCE. They signal the immune system so it can in turn call the other troops to come to your aid. ​Without the Macrophages the immune system is not alerted to the pathogens, bacteria, viruses, fungi, cancer, etc. which in turn leaves you defenseless and allows disease to ravage your body. This is why these research articles all use the word ESSENTIAL when describing Macrophages. 

Are you starting to get the message? Macrophages are ESSENTIAL. Without macrophages you will not win the battle.

​Also, keep in mind that diseases such as cancer secret an enzyme called Nagalase as do the viruses associated with autism. In fact, nagalase is present in many metabolic diseases.

Nagalase deactivates and stops the production of Macrophages. The HIGHER the Level of Nagalase... the LOWER the Level of Macrophages. 

Conversely, the HIGHER the Level of Macrophages the LOWER the Level of Nagalase.

When the body is over burdened, Nagalase can get the upper hand on Macrophages. Think about it. This makes perfect sense. Cancer grows at a rapid rate and cancer cells secrete nagalase. This takes the Macrophages and the immune system out of the healing process. The more nagalase the faster cancer can grow and spread.



The solution to helping the body fight cancer, autism and other metabolic disease is now obvious, right? We simply need to INCREASE the production and activation of Macrophages.

​This is EXACTLY what GcMAF does.

The GcMAF Atlantis has chosen is an all natural product that starts life as colostrum. We do not use the GcMAF made from blood (too many concerns). While I am telling you about the differences in GcMAF it is very important to note that we use a GcMAF that is designed exclusively for us. All GcMAF is not equal. Some only have as  little as 100 ng/ml while others contain more than 2000 ng/ml. Ours is 2000 ng/ml. Which means a small dosage is powerful.

Our product is powerful and yet when required (such as is the case with cancer) we do not spare giving you larges doses of intravenous GcMAF. I tell you this because one of our clients (with us right now) told us she went to one of the better clinics in Mexico and has received more GcMAF from us in the first week than she received during her entire 3 weeks at one of the clinics in Mexico. (Not only that she only received oral GcMAF.)

Again, I am sad at the things I see happening in the "alternative" cancer arena. Potential client's should not have to do so much homework, but unfortunately you do.


For those with compromised immune systems (cancer, autism, stroke, diabetes, etc) GcMAF Replacement Therapy is the perfect way to kick-start your immune system. GcMAF activates the major component missing from the immune system (macrophages), which act as the body’s own internal medicine.

It is not about introducing a foreign substance to the body—it is simply giving the body back what it should be producing naturally to re-facilitate a healthy immune system.

The good news is that Nagalase does not stop GcMAF from working. ​

Once your macrophages are reactivated and new cells are being produced, your immune system is on its way to being SUPERCHARGED. It will soon be prepared to do battle with whatever is plaguing it!

It only makes perfect sense that the National Institute of Health ( website has over 560,000 research studies documenting the importance of macrophages. 

Take a look at these Amazing Results using GcMAF

​Here is an incredible study was done on 16 patients with Metastatic Breast Cancer.

In case your not familiar with metastatic cancer, when cancers metastasize here is what we are told...


  • "Metastasis is the main cause of mortality in patients with cancer, accounting for approximately 90% of the total number of deaths."


  • ​"If you have been told you have metastatic cancer that can no longer be controlled, you and your loved ones may want to discuss end-of-life care. Even if you choose to continue receiving treatment to try to shrink cancer or control its growth, you can always receive palliative care to control the symptoms of cancer and the side effects of treatment."

Who wants to live in fear of "controlling" cancer or receive "treatments" to "control" the "symptoms" and "side effects"

"Immunotherapy of Metastatic Breast Cancer patients with vitamin D-binding protein-derived Macrophage Activating Factor (GcMAF)"

​"Macrophages treated in vitro with GcMAF (100 pg/ml) are highly tumoricidal to mammary adenocarcinomas (type of tumor that can occur in several parts of the body). Efficacy of GcMAF for treatment of metastatic breast cancer was investigated with 16 nonanemic patients who received weekly administration of GcMAF (100 ng). As GcMAF therapy progresses, the MAF precursor activity of patient Gc protein increased with a concomitant decrease in serum Nagalase." NOTE: Nagalase is a marker used in cancer and it is inversely proportional to the Macrophages. Also, metastatic cancer is known for being incurable.

The HIGHER the Macrophages the LOWER the Nagalase... the lower the cancer count!

"Because of proportionality of serum Nagalase activity to tumor burden, the time course progress of GcMAF therapy was assessed by serum Nagalase activity as a prognostic index. These patients had the initial Nagalase activities ranging from 2.32 to 6.28 nmole/min/mg protein. After about 16-22 administrations (approximately 3.5-5 months) of GcMAF, these patients had insignificantly low serum enzyme levels equivalent to healthy control enzyme levels, ranging from 0.38 to 0.63 nmole/min/mg protein, indicating ERADICATION of the tumors. NOTE: a nagalase level of 0.38 - 0.63 is well below the established high range of 0.92."

"This therapeutic procedure resulted in NO RECURRENCE for more than 4 years." ~  ​

NOTE: Keep in mind that the Macrophages will soon return to normal and no longer need any help from the GcMAF. At this point they are back on patrol 24/7. Your immune system is now able to deal with any and all problems that come your way. This is not a temporary fix like so many other therapies.

Even though we have good success with cancers we do not proclaim to cure anyone.To make such a claim would definitely be reckless. There is no way to determine your outcome because there are so many variables. How long have you had it? Did you catch it early or late? How has it been treated since... any radiation or chemo? How many rounds, etc. What type of diet are you eating? Do you eat foods that advance cancer? And the list goes on and on. Not to mention that every single person has different physiological makeup. ​

To Learn More about GcMAF click 

For more research studies on GcMAF and its effects on various cancers click here.

Is GcMAF Sufficient on its Own for Treating Cancer?

This is truly a great question and a necessary one to explain what makes us different.

Let's turn to the once more...

"... (previous studies have shown the highest levels of Nagalase can be located around cancer cells), therefore likely benefits could include faster and more effective detection and treatment of Metastatic sites. On the other hand, based on this and the fact that Nagalase prefers an acidic environment, if pH could be locally increased around such sites, loss of enzyme function could be achieved. This local inhibition would be especially effective in synergy with IV administration of Gc-MAF..." ~JBUON  (Oncology peer-reviewed journal)

Not only does cancer thrive in an acidic environment, but as it turns out so does Nagalase (which stops the activation and production of Macrophages). So the researcher knows (based on facts) if the acidic environment were changed to a high pH (an environment with oxygen) the Nagalase would lose some of its enzyme function. In other words, its ability to stop the activation and production of Macrophages would be greatly diminished.

​This would allow the Macrophages to start detecting and destroying intruders like Nagalase and Cancer cells. Additionally, Macrophages signal the immune system about the intruders. Then the immune system signals the other killer cells to help destroy pathogens, etc. So consequently, without Macrophages your immune system is taken out of the equation and your prognosis is not favorable. 

Bottom line... oxygenating the tissues and cells are IMPORTANT for creating synergy with GcMAF. 

#7 - Synergy is our "Key to Success" at Atlantis​


GcMAF is a powerful therapy by itself. Even so, we would never count on a single therapy to get you back on the road towards health. Our reason is twofold...

  1. Atlantis does NOT believe in putting all of our eggs in one basket.

  2. Atlantis knows that when different therapies are combined--their effects are GREATLY amplified (synergy is created). With 20 years of exploring different combinations and protocols we now have a symphony of therapies that create powerful synergy when combined. 

NOTE: A synergistic effect occurs when two or more agents, factors, or substances are combined resulting in an effect greater than the sum of their individual effects. IE: 1+1 is GREATER than two!
As the research paper (above) from the points out... there would be a synergistic effect (with GcMAF) if the pH could be increased around the cancer sites. (Raising the pH is the same as raising the oxygen level.) We agree and have known this for quite some time.

#8 - Atlantis offers a vastly improved High pH Therapy


This is where we pull out our Big Gun... High pH Therapy. ​Some refer to it as cesium chloride therapy. ​We call it... "the closest thing to a magic bullet." This is our top therapy for tumors, metastatic, fast growing and bone cancer.

This therapy does EXACTLY what the NIH researchers said would bring about synergy with GcMAF. It not only INCREASES the pH levels (oxygen) around the cancer sites, but also in the ENTIRE body!

It's a no-brainer that increasing oxygen will help destroy cancer. This is because cancer no longer requires oxygen to create energy, but instead MUST have an environment low or deplete of oxygen (an acidic environment). In this acidic environment, cancer cells ferment sugar in order to create energy. This energy (created in an environment low or deplete of oxygen) is used by the cancer cells to multiply and spread.

And, as we just learned... Nagalase also thrives in an acidic environment. Our High pH Therapy is not like any of the others available. Additionally, we are one of the very few who administer this intravenously. Learn more.

This therapy does several things...​

  1) It floods the entire body and all of its cells with oxygen by raising the pH.​ Oxygen changes the acidic environment (required by cancer cells and nagalase) to an alkaline environment (one high in oxygen). This destroys the environment necessary for cancer to create energy. Consequently, it will starve to death and... die. Just as important, oxygen diminishes the power that nagalse has over macrophages (to stop their activation and production). The MORE macrophages and the LESS nagalase the STRONGER your immune system! The FASTER the cancer cells are eaten and destroyed.

  2) It contains 3 of only 5 elements that are able to enter a cancer cell. AND, each of these three elements is known to be very alkaline (have a high pH).​ The five elements which can enter a cancer cell are... water, sugar, potassium, cesium, and rubidium. Worth noting: Oxygen cannot enter a cancer cell. However, cesium, rubidium, and potassium (because of their electrical properties) can still enter the cancerous cell.

Once these 3 basic elements enter the cancer cell, they are able to increase the cancer cells pH from its low to as high as 8.5.  At a pH of 7.6, the mitosis of the cancer cell (dividing and multiplying) stops—at a pH of 8.0 to 8.5 the lifespan of cancer cells is considerably shortened to only a few hours or at the most a few days.

According to a study published in the NIH involving 30 cancer patients (with tumors) it was shown that potassium, rubidium, and especially cesium are efficiently taken up by cancer cells. The quantity of cesium taken up was sufficient to raise the cell to the 8pH range. At this level cell mitosis (division) ceases and the life of the cancer cell is short. In the 30 patients studied, all TUMORS DISAPPEARED. Additionally, all PAIN and EFFECTS associated with cancer also DISAPPEARED within 12-36 hours.
​In another study... Dr Brewer (the father of the High pH Therapy) shows the favorable results of only rubidium being used for abdomen tumors in a controlled test of mice. Dr. Brewer divided the mice with abdomen tumors into two groups—a control group and a test group (those being administered rubidium). At the end of 13 days the tumors in the test group (those receiving rubidium) weighed 91% less than those in the control group. ~ NOTE: Cesium has an even higher pH and therefore has even more effect on cancer than rubidium. Don't worry... we use all three. Potassium, rubidium and cesium and much more are included in our High pH Therapy.

Because of the high alkalinity (oxygenated) environment created from the Cesium High pH Therapy—the acidic environment essential for the cancer cell to convert sugar to energy is destroyed. Finding itself unable to produce energy... the cancer cell dies. ​

Additionally, (because oxygen is flooding the entire body) your immune system and all cells are brought up to peak operating conditions. With our bodies being comprised of 65% oxygen and all cells needing oxygen is it any wonder?

The effects of combining High pH Therapy with the GcMAF are truly synergistic! But we don't stop here!

#9 - Atlantis offers Laetrile (B17) 

​Even though this synergy is great news, we do not stop with these two therapies. 

Because we know that cancer must have sugar and an acidic environment in order to create energy, we also use another therapy that is even sneakier than metastatic cancer.

​Remember learning that only 5 elements can enter a cancer cell?... water, sugar, potassium, cesium and rubidium. 

Well we just used 3 of these elements in the High pH Therapy. Now we are going to use the 4th... sugar!

​Cancer loves sugar because it converts it to energy. So we use a natural product (Laetrile/ vitamin B17) that is a complex molecule containing two units of glucose (sugar), one unit of benzaldehyde (analgesic/ painkiller), and one unit of Hydrogen Cyanide... we call this the trojan horse.


Cancer thinks it is smart...

​The B17 totally fakes out the cancer cell, because cancer views the sugar in B17 as fuel. Once it invites this molecule into the cell (thinking this is its next meal) the benzaldehyde and cyanide are UNLOCKED and this deadly duo becomes utterly devastating to cancer cells as it explodes with targeted accuracy.  Although each of these components on their own is quite deadly--when combined--their synergistic effect is 100 times more deadly than separately.

The wild thing about B17 is that it is found in over 1200 foods that you eat on a regular basis. That's right! You eat cyanide in over 1200 foods. Now get this... Instead of killing healthy cells the B17 supplies nutrients to them which in turn strengthens the body’s immune system! Learn More.

There are other therapies that will also further increase the synergy of these 3 therapies, but suffice it to say that we are throwing a ton of firepower into your battle all at once. We do not believe in taking a position of standing back to see which therapy works best. No way! Your life hangs in the balance and we believe in giving you the synergy of all of the best therapies combined to help ensure... you are victorious!

#10 - Our Protocols make all of the difference

Having the right products and not understanding when and in what quantity to administer them is a sure sign of disaster.

Even knowing how to administer a particular therapy does not ensure success. It takes years to understand the nuances of how to time certain events so that your results are maximized. It is not just dumping different products into your veins. Sequence, timing,and quantity are everything. We call this protocol.

Good protocols can make the difference between life and death or success and failure. 

Let me give you an example. We have a protocol for tumors whereby we inject our natural products around 20 times in a local area surrounding the tumors. This ensures that the tumors will not return. This is a powerful protocol and to the best of our knowledge, we are the only facility who administers this protocol. (This is one reason we are able to offer a guarantee.)

It goes without saying... our protocols are one of our biggest assets that we bring to the table at Atlantis.

One of the primary reasons our protocols are so good is because Dr Pablo had the opportunity to personally work with Dr. Sartori. This man had learned the High pH Therapy from Dr. Brewer "the Father of High pH Therapy."  (Understand that Sartori had a wide array of therapies for cancer, not just High pH.) Sartori went on to to treat thousands of clients. In one study he took a group of 50 clients who were terminal stage 4 metastatic cancer patients who had all been sent home. Even though all 50 of these patients had been overloaded with chemo and their immune systems destroyed, Sartori had an impressive 50% recovery (using only High Ph). The metastasis had come from various cancers, i.e., cancer of unknown primary, breast, colon, prostate, pancreas, lung, liver, lymphoma, Ewing sarcoma of the pelvis and adeno-cancer of the gallbladder.

​Dr. Pablo went on to purchase all of the research of Dr. Brewer and Dr. Sartori and learned how to tweek protocols to where they now produce phenomenal results.

#11 Atlantis offers a Guarantee 


We are proud to be the first and only facility (that we are aware of) to offer a guarantee.

With the best therapies and unmatched protocols, we are happy to provide our clients with true peace of mind. Regardless of whether you choose our Home Program or our 3 Month Facility Program you are covered with our guarantee.

No one in this industry offers any guarantees except Atlantis.

Check it out here.

I can hardly believe it

​As I mentioned earlier, I am concerned that 50% of the "alternative" clinics are putting toxic chemo into their clients. This should not even be an option in an alternative clinic. And some of the others are not bringing much to the table when it comes to getting you on the path towards wellness.

This could be due to several factors. The first of which is ignorance. The other could easily be that they fear the reprisal by the Medical System. This system is so powerful and well funded that just the cancer portion ($200 Billion annually) comes in at #51 in GDP when compared to 186 nations of the world! You might want to look for yourself at the countries whose GDP comes in under 200 Billion Dollars annually. All of this to say that because cancer and other diseases are so profitable (to treat) that they have silenced many doctors and destroyed their good names. In fact, many people in the alternative field have gone to jail for using therapies outside of cutting, burning, and poisoning. I find it odd that even though researchers and doctors are allowed to publish amazing results (of the therapies we offer) on the website that these therapies have been mostly made illegal in the US. For the medical system, it is all about the $.

Our Therapies do NOT Negatively Affect the Quality of Your Life

As I mentioned earlier, I am concerned that 50% of the "alternative" clinics are putting toxic chemo into their clients. This should not even be an option in an alternative clinic. And some of the others are not bringing much to the table when it comes to getting you on the path towards wellness.

​The Good News...

Atlantis does not treat symptoms!

We get to the root cause!

Whether it is cancer, diabetes, autism or any of the metabolic diseases — we work to put you back on the road to health.
The Alternative Therapies we use are both powerful and gentle. In fact, our clients often report that all pain associated with cancer is eliminated within the first few days.

Once you understand what causes cancer and the fact that it loves an acidic environment in which to grow, cancer becomes something that is not so feared. After all, fear typically springs from the unknown.

So it stands to reason... the better armed you are with knowledge, the more you will understand our therapies offer you more than hope. This simply reinforces our belief... "Knowledge is Power."

With over 20 years of experience we understand cancer. Even though it appears to be a bit sneaky (when it decides to metastasize) our therapies and the protocols we have developed give us the upper hand in dealing with this enemy. Our therapies are numerous and you will want to explore them.

​The best thing about the therapies offered at Atlantis... Your Quality of Life is NOT NEGATIVELY Affected!

At some point you have to choose which method you will use
​for doing battle against cancer.

​Either you choose the Traditional Method utilizing more poisonous toxins
which in turn destroys your immune system.

<<< OR >>>

You can take a more Natural Approach — eliminating the poisons and toxins from your body --
rebuilding your immune system so that it is working at peak performance --
​and allow God to do what He does best... Restore your Health!

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