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Doctors & Therapies Silenced


​You may find it of interest that the world's governments are banning therapies that have a true chance of helping people.

The UK Request for Information Site...

#1) GcMAF- Cancer treatment, Lyn Thyer (Biochemist) David Noakes Prosecutions! ~source

Another Alternative doctor and his clinic are destroyed buy the UK Government to protect the medical cartel.

This time it is David Noakes and his sin is CURING people with GcMAF. This seems a bit odd because the National Institute of Health (NIH) understands that without macrophages the human body cannot recover from illnesses. I guess it is more important to protect the medical cartel and their multi-trillion dollar empire than it is to save lives. (Medicines and Healthcare Products and Regulatory Agency (MHRA) in the UK is the same as the FDA in the US.)

Dear Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency,

  • Why have you had pharmaceutical corporation directors on your board? Isn't that a conflict of interest?

  • Avandia Opioids and Vioxx killed 450,000 in the USA. How many did they kill in England?

  • Why are you still licensing Cervarix and Gardasil, which kill a person a week?

  • Have you banned Paxil/Seroxat, which killed over 1,000 people and often make depression much worse?

  • Your directors Gerald Heddell and Ian Hudson were ex the UK's Glaxo Smith Kline (GSK). They killed 83,000 with their chemical drug Avandia and got a $3 Billion fine for fraud in the USA because they concealed the fact it killed. Yet the MHRA let them off with absolutely nothing.

  • As a safe natural protein GcMAF has never killed anyone; most don't even get its negligible side effects. Immuno Biotech saved 9,000 from the disease. Yet they got 33 persecutions, 15 court cases so far, and 4 prison sentences. Why didn't Immuno Biotech get the same GSK treatment, ie, absolutely nothing? Is it one treatment for the big pharmaceuticals and another for the little guy? 

  • You illegally gave David Noakes and Lynda Thyer's name to the French Central Office for combatting environmental and public-related crimes (OCLAESP) in France, even though they did nothing with GcMAF in France. That's a deliberate double prosecution. Both the Lisbon Treaty and the ECHR ban prosecution for the same offense twice in Europe. Isn't that deliberately breaking the law?

  • You have always banned safe natural treatments. GcMAF is the latest. Why did you not encourage Immuno Biotech to get it into the NHS?

  • Please state the total number of scientific research papers on GcMAF in peer-reviewed scientific journals.

  • Please state the total number of scientific research papers on GcMAF on the American National Library of Medicine.

  • Please state the total number of scientific research papers on GcMAF in Google Scholar.

  • Why did you attempt to get a 25-year sentence for David Noakes, 14 in England and 10+ in France? Was that to keep GcMAF hidden for another 25 years?

  • Two million people have died unnecessarily from cancer because GcMAF has been concealed from them for 25 years. You are mainly responsible. It will be a two trillion pound lawsuit on behalf of the families, levied against the board and governors of the MHRA since its inception. Can they afford to pay?

#2) GcMAF Request ~source 

Dear Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency,

I'm writing because its come to attention of many that GcMAF researched by 32 research papers -by independent scientists; all of which claimed that GcMAF has produced remarkable results, has been obstructed from development by the MHRA.

I've researched the results and the stats for GCMAF are quite frankly astounding compared to radiotherapy and chemotherapy ..It seems to me the MHRA needs to explain how they can justify this - As its a protein already present in the human body its my understanding its not a drug.

Can you forward me the decision making process to remove GCMAF from selective consideration of cancer treatments. Plus how they supported their findings evidence wise and what was the evidence based on? This should also include the people involved and their position within the organisation.

Upon hearing this story I was staggered along with many many others on social media discussing GCMAF and cancer treatments to find out what has happened to the company Immuno Biotech making the GCMAF protein and the directors .

Yours faithfully,
Marcus Flynn

#3) GcMAF cancer cure, prevented for use by the MHRA for 24 years ~source

Dear Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency

Which, (names and positions and company worked for) of the 30 highest paid members of MHRA staff have previously worked for a Pharmaceutical company or a cancer charity?

As your organisation is there to protect the public I expect you to be able to provide the following stats ..

What % is the cancer cure rate of Radiotherapy ?

What % is the cancer cure rate of Chemotherapy?

As Chemo and Radio therapy is highly toxic how many patients have died as a DIRECT consequence of Chemo and Radio therapy in the last 1 year and 10 years?

What is the procedure for licensing Natural medicines/treatments and why is it different to synthetic/non natural medicine/treatments?

How many natural treatment/medicines were licensed for use in 2018?

How many synthetic/non natural treatments were licensed in 2018?

There are many GcMAF peer reviewed scientific research papers published in PubMed USA by many scientists. Will you apologize for and correct your incorrect statement/lie on your page of our government's Web site?

Yours faithfully,
Eileen Bartlett

#4) GcMAF and Cancer  ~source 

Dear The Institute of Cancer Research,

1. How many years have body's such as yourselves been researching cancer? (This question was answered.)

2. How much (In total) have cancer research taken In donations from people since It's beginning? (This questions was answered.)

3. Why does cancer research not look Into GcMAF more, or at all, as It's a cheaper alternative method of treatment?
(They did not answer this question. But the answer is simple... GcMAF cannot be patented.)

4. Do cancer cells cells feed on sugar?

(This question was not answered.. HOWEVER, ALL Oncologists KNOW PROOF POSITIVE that cancer cells feed on sugar. We know this because they all must understand the "Warburg Effect" (before graduating) which makes them aware that cancer cells do not respire through normal channels of oxygenation, but instead use a process of sugar fermentation to gain their energy. ADDITIONALLY, all oncologist use PET scans which are performed using  radioactive sugar which is absorbed into the cancer tumors within 60 minutes.)

5. What else do cancer cells feed on?

6. In 1970, 1 In 100 people were expected to catch cancer, that Is now 1 In every two people dying or catching cancer to date, why are things getting worse with all this "Research" and money being given to look for cures, Instead of better?

Yours faithfully,

#5) GcMAF Effects on Cancer and Prosecution of David Noakes ~source

Dear FOI Licensing,

Thank you for replying.

Your organisation is diabolical.

If someone cured cancer surely you should actively take steps to do everything you can to license that product then? What is more important your unlawful procedures or the health of the people?

Poor David Noakes and Lyn Thyer.

The truth will come out. I would advise that you stop trying to cover up how GcMAF makes the body eat cancer and ask for the mercy and forgiveness of the public for the appalling wrong that you (the MHRA - not necessarily you personally) have wrought on the people of Britain.

I am saddened and disgusted that people are being killed for profit.

Yours sincerely,
George Robinson

(another note from the same man)...

Dear FOI Licensing,

I would also add that David Noakes was railroaded into pleading guilty and even the judge could see that GcMAF has a deleterious effect on cancer and he said it could help people.

I note that you won't go near challenging the effectiveness of GcMAF and only go for licensing issues.

Please open your eyes, with the impending 5G grid there is more chance you will be affected by cancer.

Yours sincerely,
George Robinson


Update on David Noakes & Linda Thyer
arrested for curing people with GcMAF

This info appeared on the National Health Federation website. They are fighting for our health freedom and you may want to check out some of their other articles. ~NHF

This comment was left one of the press releases...

"To any normal person, the case against David & Lynda is a total nonsense.

"Under Common Law they have “done no harm” , so there is no case to answer.

"The fact that GcMAF is a natural product in the body means that they have not created any type of drug. It is analogous to giving a person water to drink, since water is a natural product in the body.

"What this case illustrates perfectly is the pollution of the judicial system by the power of the pharmaceutical industry. Blind justice it is not.
It highlights the corruption of the judicial system, who have ignored basic human justice and caved in to political and corporate self interest. All this at the expense of any semblance of justice. By definition, they are corrupt and not fit for purpose.

"When the judicial system throws its own rule book overboard, then we know that we have a tyranny operating at the highest level.
History reminds us that when the people are defrauded in this way, it becomes a recipe for revolution." ~LINK


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