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Doctor Visits


Wellness facility with a difference!
Prevention is better than cure!

Looking for an English Speaking Medical Specialist & Facility?
English & Spanish Speaking Doctor

Your search for a trusted, experienced and accessible healthcare facility for natural therapies and a good medical doctor is finally over. Our team of full and part-time doctors, nurses all speak English & Spanish. Yes, once you become a client of Atlantis, we can do house calls and skype consultations if your unwell and can not travel. Our nurses can usually arrive quickly and before an ambulance. They can also coordinate the ambulance and meet you in the hospital. Unique and special x-pat care is at your service.

Our policy is to be Pro-Active, not Re-Active in finding health conditions early with annual checkups and complete blood work and examination. So please visit us so you are in the system. You never know when a health condition pops up... and with Atlantis,
you are never alone...


Recommended medical checkups are annual if over 50 and every two years for under fifty.

This examination is a 3-hour process over 3 visits.

* First appointment 100 min Medical Practitioner
 full check-up... includes ECG Scan, Pulse Scan that can find early problems years before you feel that problem. A head-to-toe examination..
* Wait for any test results for… few days to a week.
 We take the blood in our facility if you prefer...
* Second Review and talk through your test results 25 min to an hour.

* Team design any needed program to aid recovery of any found problems found, including typing up and explaining, a diet, recommended IV Program if needed, and any other services we can offer to fix any health problems we find. Don’t worry, finding health issues early is the best option for a quick possible full recovery.

The above No.4 may take 7 days from the reports and tests arriving. Then we invite you back to explain the recommendation and process. Programs from a week to five weeks program is designed, depending on what needs fixing. The above program is only designed if needed.

First Appointment: The Medical Doctor will spend up to 2 hours, checking your heart with ECG, your eyes, your joints, it’s an in-depth examination. You’re given our Super Charge Your Cells Health Drink, (the products that go into this drink, all 8 of them costs over $800.00. It is full of so many healthy things including pre and pro macrobiotics, protein, minerals, and lots of herbs and vitamins. While you are at the spa, if we can give anything to help at the time, eg pain relief naturally, it will also be done. Massage and shoulder tension is often relieved by a short massage.

After that is completed, the doctor will give you an order/MD script for blood work and if needed x-rays, CT scans, etc. It’s your choice to choose a pathology and place for those out of clinic services, however, we will give you a preference.
Then when all the results arrived, the doctor and naturopath review all results, talk to outside specialists sometimes if needed, and then make a second appointment for you. I think you understand the above now…
This is all done and is valued at $297.00 plus in other countries.
For you, it is only $97.00
After that first visit, services are charged at $47.00 and we do have specials on these from time to time...

Medical Doctor Appointments are Friday - Saturday, and Sunday 10 am to 3 pm with
Dr. Cesar Sanchez Specialist in Pain, magnetic therapies and is an Anesthesiologist
Working with many specialists in GYE is a great contact for surgery and your follow-up care.

Other Practitioners are available Tuesday - Wednesday - Friday
Naturopath - Bach Flower Practitioner - Other medical services by appointment (non full-time doctors.)

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