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B17 Study... Proves No Cancer

in 10s of thousands of people from several diverse groups 


Is Vitamin B17 Really Important
​to the Body?

We have all heard... you are what you eat. But is it true?

If we abandon common sense and choose to eat highly processed foods which are void of vitamins and minerals do you suppose our bodies can continue to operate at maximum efficiency? Can our immune systems stay tuned to peak performance? Do vitamins actually play a role in our health?

Imagine if we could prove or disprove that vitamin B17 is a necessary part of our diets because it keeps cancer at bay. ​

​The best way to prove or disprove this “theory” would be to take a large group of 1000s of people and expose them to nitrilosides (B17) for a long period of time and then check them for cancer.

Guess what? These tests have already been run and the results are conclusive... people consuming a fair amount of vitamin B17 in their diets have NO cancer! See if you agree...


Many researchers agree the Hunza have zero cases of cancer and do not suffer from heart disease. It appears this is due to their diet which is high in both apricots and millet which are both rich in nitrilosides (B17). In the there is an article titled... “Wealth in Hunza Tribe is Measured by the Amount of Apricot Trees.” This is a bit telling about their diet, isn't it?

“We know something about the prophylactic (preventative) dose of Vitamin B17. For example, we know the Hunza’s represent a population that has been cancer free for over 900 years of its existence. This population has a natural diet, which supplies on the average between 50 to 75 milligrams of Vitamin B17 a day.” ~Krebs Jr., Ernst. The Nature of Cancer (Presented before CCS Second annual Cancer Convention, Ambassador Hotel, Los Angeles, California).

One of the first medical teams to study the Hunza was headed by world-renown British surgeon Dr Robert McCarrison. He reported in the AMA Journal: "The Hunza has no known incidence of cancer. They have an abundant crop of apricots. These they dry in the sun and use largely in their food".

The Hunza eat very little meat and are primarily vegetarians. And because the Hunza are so healthy, vegetarians might be quick to point out... “We are right! Vegetarian is the way to go!”

Let's take a breath... Is it the vegetarian diet? — the vitamin B17? — or is it something else responsible for no cancer or heart conditions?

To prove or disprove whether the vegetarian diet or the vitamin B17 is the reason... Let us now turn to studies done on the Eskimos (living on the polar ice).

Unlike the Hunza who eat primarily raw vegetables and seeds the Eskimos do not. In fact, they have a limited choice of foods which can be included in their diet because the ground is frozen. Therefore, their primary food source is elk and caribou, supplemented primarily with wild berries when available.

“The Eskimos are another people that have been observed by medical teams for many decades and found to be totally free of cancer. In VilhJalmur Stefanson's book, “Cancer: Disease of Civilization An Anthropological and Historical Study,” it is revealed that the traditional Eskimo diet is amazingly rich in nitrilosides that come from the residue of the meat of caribou and other grazing animals, and also from the salmon berry which grows abundantly in the Arctic areas.

“Another Eskimo delicacy is a green salad made out of the stomach contents of caribou and reindeer which are full of fresh tundra grasses. Among these grasses, Arrow grass (Triglochin Maritima) is very common. Studies made by the U.S. Department of Agriculture have shown that Arrow grass is probably richer in nitriloside content than any other grass.” ~Griffin, G. Edward. World Without Cancer; The Story of Vitamin B17. Dauphin Publication. Kindle Edition.

Alaska's most famous doctor, Dr. Preston A. Price claims, in his 36 years of contact with these people he had never seen a single case of malignant disease among the truly primitive Eskimos, although it frequently occurred when they were modernized.

​Once again we find the Indians of North America eating their traditional diets that consist of the same meats and wild berries (like the Eskimos) which are rich in vitamin B17. And like the Eskimos (who are also carnivorous) cancer is not worth mentioning. 

“The Indians of North America, while they remained true to their native customs and foods, also were remarkably free from cancer. At one time, the American Medical Association (AMA) urged the federal government to conduct a study in an effort to discover why there was so little cancer among the Hopi and Navajo Indians. The February 5, 1949, issue of the Journal of the AMA declared:

“The Indian's diet seems to be low in quality and quantity and wanting in variety, and the doctors wondered if this had anything to do with the fact that only 36 cases of malignant cancer were found out of 30,000 admissions to the Ganado Arizona Mission Hospital.

“In the same population of white persons, the doctors said there would have been about 1,800.

“Thirty-six cases compared to eighteen hundred represents only two percent of the expected number. Obviously, something is responsible.

“Dr. Krebs, who has done exhaustive research on this subject, has written: I have analyzed from historical and anthropological records the nitrilosidic content of the diets of these various North American tribes. The evidence should put to rest forever the notion of toxicity in nitrilosidic foods. Some of these tribes would ingest over 8,000 milligrams of vitamin B17 (nitriloside) a day. ~Griffin, G. Edward. World Without Cancer; The Story of Vitamin B17. Dauphin Publication. Kindle Edition.

Both the Eskimos and the American Indians are far from vegetarian—they are carnivorous. In his book “Eat Fat and Grow Slim”  Richard MacKarness tells us there is no such thing as fat people even though they gorge themselves with fatty meat several times a day. Once again, these meat gorging carnivorous groups have no cancer either.

The Common Denominator


​​After careful investigation the common denominator is most likely... vitamin B17. Here's why... The caribou (which form a large part of the staple diet of both the Eskimos and the American Indians) graze predominantly on arrow grass containing up to 15,000 mg per kilo nitriloside (the primary source of B17). And the salmon berries dried and eaten by Eskimos and Indians alike also contain huge quantities of vitamin B17. ​Interesting huh? Vegetarians and carnivores alike are both found with no cancer thanks to B17.


So Why do We Have so Much Cancer in the West?

  • Unfortunately most 'civilized' Western cultures primarily eat a steady diet of processed foods and items with a ton of sugar (which is known to feed cancer)... no nitrilosides (B17) here. Where we used to consume large amounts of millet (a wild grain which is loaded with nitrilosides) we switched to the highly hybridized wheat (which contains no nitrilosides) during the industrial revolution as part of the commercial process to simplify bread making. Our cattle used to graze and eat large quantities of grasses, all high in nitrilosides. Now we grain-feed our cattle and there are no nitrilosides in the grain. In turn we receive no B17 from eating beef or wheat.

    Where the Hunza or Eskimo get between 250 and 3,000 mg of vitamin B17 every day, the average Western diet—consisting of refined—processed food—containing no fiber—offers less than 2 mg of nitriloside a day.  ~Madison, Bob. Now and Then 2nd Edition. Page 374.

    After reading about how important B17 is in our diets maybe there really is something to the old proverb, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away.” Maybe people at one point in time knew of the healing power of nitrilosides contained in the apple seeds. But who knows?
    If after learning about these large groups of people—who remained cancer free for a long period of time—is not proof enough that B17 is necessary for keeping the doctor from telling us... “I am sorry to report you have cancer” then maybe you are one of those that just needs a little more proof.

How is This for More PROOF?

​Western food has been making its way into the lives of the Hunza, Eskimos and American Indians and guess what?... They can no longer say they have zero cases of cancer! ​

​This could be just coincidence. But if I had cancer I certainly would not want to roll the dice, would you?

Please be sure to read more about B17 on our website. You may find that you agree about the importance of B17—the miraculous gift from God!

​To find out more about our Laetrile (B17) Therapy please Contact Us Now to schedule a free consultation with Dr Pablo. He wants to make sure that you understand all the different therapies that are offered at Atlantis and which ones in combination would be best for your particular issues. 



Hopi & Navajo Indians

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