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Cancer Attack Pack

Cancer Attack Pack Dr. Pablo Atlantis Health ReTreat.jpg

In Stock, Ready to Deliver in 24 hours to your door


The Cancer Attack Pack, is
Our Home Program that offers a
Real Chance and We Make it Easy,

with STEP by STEP detailed instructions
and weekly consultations, Blood work reviews

and program revisions, based on your case.

Cancer Attack Pack Dr. Pablo Atlantis Health ReTreat.jpg

After reading all of the materials on our site about Cancer you might feel you would like to get started with either our Home Program or our Facility Program. The first thing you may want to do is give us a call so we can discuss the differences in therapies as well as pricing. Then once you are armed with this knowledge, you are in a better position to make a decision.

We take our business very seriously. Helping people is something that we are very passionate about. So whether you choose our Home Program or our Facility Program, ​our commitment is to fight for you like you were family.

We have no doubt that some of your friends offer advice and recommendations. Even though those people love you, if it was that easy no one would die from Cancer.

Get all your scans and x-ray reports—all your bloodwork—and let us help you do our Home Program correctly.

​Hit Cancer With Everything Possible 
​to give yourself a fighting chance

We hold your hand every step of the way. Weekly bloodwork allows us to update the program (if necessary) to help ensure your success.​

* We do not believe in half measures
* Doing just one therapy is risky business
* We believe in attacking cancer aggressively (with multiple therapies) in order to win the battle! 

​Because cancer never sleeps and is continually doing damage to the entire body, we prefer to have you come to our facility. In this setting we are able to deliver knockout blows because we offer therapies that we cannot offer you at home.
However, we understand that often people just aren’t able to get away for 3 months or don’t have the additional funds for the extended therapies. So, the next best thing is the Atlantis Home Program.

Cancer Attack Pack Dr. Pablo Atlantis Health ReTreat.jpg

Our Commitment is to Hold Your Hand

Don't get confused and worried
that you can't do this from home

​Did you know traditional doctors are limited to the time they can spend with each patient? This is a FACT. 

The good news is... Atlantis is not traditional in any sense of the word.

When you decide to do our home program - You have the support of our entire team behind you every step of the way to better ensure your success.

​We treat you like we would like to be treated


On average, we have over 100 interactions with our clients during their FIRST 6 weeks of the program. ​​

​​We make LIVE consultations available every day (through Skype). And for those quick urgent questions we prefer using WhatsApp. Our commitment is to always be there holding your hand every inch of your journey.

We Even Offer a Guarantee

One thing that you will soon discover is Dr. Pablo believes in going the extra mile for his clients. Have you ever noticed… a lot of people say things like this, but they are never willing to put their money where their mouth is?  Dr. Pablo is the exception and he wants you to feel comfortable with choosing the Home Program. Therefore, he makes the following guarantee…


If you decide to upgrade to our 3-Month Facility Program—we credit 100% of the money you paid for our Cancer Home Program.

​The reason Dr. Pablo and Atlantis Health ReTreat make this GUARANTEE is because we understand that you may be waiting on reports and scans and may want to get started proactively fighting your cancer. If at anytime during your home treatment you start regretting not coming to our facility, just simply let us know you would like to upgrade.

With this guarantee you do not have to worry about whether you made a good decision or not. Just pay the difference and come see us at our facility. (It takes 6-weeks to upgrade, because we need to book you - make flight arrangements and accommodations.)

Cancer Attack Pack

​We have put together the most comprehensive potent therapies that can be easily and safely used from home. You will need to find someone to help you with the administration of some of these therapies, but don’t be concerned... This is not our first rodeo.

These are some of the items in the Atlantis Cancer Attack Pack:

The Home Cancer Attack Program includes B17 in BOTH tablet and liquid form (Laetrile) - (if available in your country) and GcMAF. If not available in your country, we give you double the GcMAF. GcMAF can be delivered anywhere in the world. B17 is restricted in ½ the countries in the world. If we can’t get you B17 we will give you extra GcMAF or take $2,500 off the price.

Of course there is a lot more to this pack than those two Primary Items.

Additionally, there are also nutrients, minerals, vitamins, prebiotics, probiotics, digestive nutrients and enzymes (for gut flora), nervous system support, liver support, antioxidants and immune support, colostrum, vitamin D3, pancreatic enzymes, essential fatty acids, greens (for apple juice), B15 anti-inflammatory, readily absorbed Vit C (results similar to IV at home)... for starters.

We provide enough products in the home program to last about 3 months.

This Sounds Good - What Now?

​If you’re willing to make changes… We believe we can provide the tools necessary for putting you on the road towards health, God willing. The changes are simple but important. If you don't think you can make a few lifestyle changes then this program is not for you.

  • The first change... Routine.
    It is important to have a defined schedule... Rise at the same time - to bed at the same time - meals at the same time, etc


  • The next change... Dietary.
    Food should also be a scheduled routine. IE: (veggies only) 3 days per week - Fish on Tues - Poultry on Thurs - Weekend free to choose what you like (within reason). Eating alkaline foods (foods with High pH)  that help build your immune system is so important.​ And even more important is to choose foods that are known to be cancer fighting. Learn more about Foods to Eat That Fight Cancer


  • The 3rd and last change... Nutritional Supplements.
    Supplements and therapies need a set routine too. There are many things that will need to be given throughout the day and it is best to do it at the same time everyday.

​This may look like a waste of time. However, when trying to diagnose issues as they crop up, it is important to be able to rule out "new" things that you may or may not have done. Did you go to bed at a different time? Did you eat something you don't normally eat? This makes diagnosing your problem MUCH easier and saves a lot of time and frustration.

If these sound like reasonable changes that you are willing to make and you agree to these stipulations then...


  • There is a bit of paperwork with Cancer to get started. Something I am sure you have seen before.

  • The first thing necessary is for us to review your blood work and in some instances, we will also need your scans and x-rays.

  • Once this is done, we will send everything to get you started..

Getting started is key to your success. Cancer never sleeps even when you are scratching your head trying to figure out what to do. Read over the materials on our site. You will also want to read about the B17 and GcMaf Therapies listed below. These are powerful therapies. 

Then contact us so you can get all of your questions and concerns addressed directly by Dr Pablo. The consultation is free and you will enjoy talking with a man as down to earth as Dr Pablo.

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