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Breast Cancer 


20 years of helping people fight breast cancer, we have seen and discovered some amazing ways of doing Breast Cancer treatment, like cupping the breast with liquid therapies. Like throwing everything at it in a step by step program. Believing, cancer learns what you are doing, and you really have to outsmart it.

Don't Let the Diagnosis of Cancer Put Fear in Your Heart


Most important, is that by combining the TOP therapies for cancer with treatments not available in other clinics, we get the best results. High pH therapy and GcMAF are just the tip, along with other therapies we add hyperbaric oxygen, magnetic pulse and so much more. Read in the THERAPIES link... everything is done for you to heal and win this battle.

Yes we also have positive results with metastasized cancer, so don't despair and after learning all you can, and getting to understand the power of our combination, give us a call...

This peer-reviewed article on the NIH makes it more than evident that Breast cancer stems from...
"(1) Hormones: Pharmaceutical agents & personal care products; (2) Endocrine disrupting compounds (EDCs); (3) Hormones in food: Natural and additives; (4) Non-EDC industrial chemicals; (5) Tobacco smoking: Active and passive; (6) Shift work, light-at-night and melatonin; and (7) Radiation . . . Increasing evidence from epidemiological studies, as well as a better understanding of mechanisms linking toxicants with development of Breast Cancer, all reinforce the conclusion that exposures to these substances – many of which are found in common, everyday products and byproducts – may lead to increased risk of developing Breast Cancer."
Note that all the FACTORS listed in this article... (EDCs, food additives, industrial chemicals, smoking, running our bodies until exhausted, and radiation) are all metabolic disruptors. Once again, this points to the FACT that cancer is a metabolic disease and is not typically genetic.
​These FACTORS (and more) cause cancer (a Metabolic Disease) of which Breast Cancer is but one. If you do not understand what Metabolic Disease is - then please read our article here before proceeding. You will soon understand why cancer is on the increase. Take time to read and understand the ramifications of all the various FACTORS (leading to metabolic breakdown) that plague humanity today.
Metabolic breakdown occurs because of these and many other factors. When this occurs our cells are not able to utilize the nutrition (from the foods we eat) to produce enough energy at a cellular level. With the cell being low on energy this means it is low in oxygen and at this point our immune system fails to function properly. This low cellular energy is covered thoroughly in our article about High pH Therapy. (There's no need to go there now - we just wanted you to know that we don't leave you guessing as to how all of this works.)
I cannot believe that the NIH allowed this article (pointing to cancer being a metabolic disease) to remain on their site. This research focused on Breast Cancer, but the reality is that all cancers are metabolic diseases. And when the metabolism is altered and not functioning properly (not converting food into cellular energy) our immune system is crippled. Depending on the amount of dysregulation we may find ourselves getting cancer or another metabolic disease.
Bottom Line... The Immune System was not performing optimally.

How Did I Most Likely Get Breast Cancer?

Let us first put your mind at rest. There is hope for breast cancer even if it should metastasize. So please read on.

When we hear our doctor tell us, "you have breast cancer"... fear takes control of our thoughts. This is because of lack of knowledge and not understanding the nuances of cancer. This is why we put researched information on our site... we do not want you to fear cancer or any other metabolic disease. We truly believe the old adage... "Knowledge is Power."

​Our website is loaded with peer-reviewed and documented articles to help educate you regarding cancer. So the first thing would be to get a cup of coffee and start digging into the researched documentation we lay before you.

Breast Cancer is The #1 Cancer for Women

"Breast cancer continues to be the most frequent cancer in females, affecting about 1 in 8 and causing the greatest number of cancer related deaths in women worldwide (Bray et al, 2018)."

​Did you know that it is reported that 1 out of 2 will get cancer? ~MedicalNewsToday

So much for the "War on Cancer" that Nixon signed 50 years ago. Cancer is warring on the populace and... winning!

Symptoms of Breast Cancer

  • A newly inverted nipple

  • Change in the size, shape or appearance of a breast

  • Changes to the skin over the breast, such as dimpling

  • Redness or pitting of the skin over your breast, like the skin of an orange

  • A breast lump or thickening that feels different from the surrounding tissue

  • Peeling, scaling, crusting or flaking of the pigmented area of skin surrounding the nipple (areola) or breast skin

Unfortunately ​Breast Cancer can Metastasize

Time magazine shared a story of a woman's life (with metastasized cancer) that I felt compelled to share.

​However, before reading this, please understand that the Medical System primarily offers you the same 3 therapies of cutting (surgery), burning (radiation), or poisoning (chemo) which all have very negative effects on the body's immune system. And until your immune system is operating at peak performance, you have no chance of winning this battle. My reason for sharing this is to get you to see the futility in doing the same treatments that tens of thousands have already done... unsuccessfully.

"According to Cyrus Ghajar, a cancer biologist at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle, 25% to 40% of Early Stage Breast Cancer patients already have cancer cells in their bone marrow, and these patients are, on average, three times more likely than those who don’t [have it in their bone marrow] to develop other metastases later."

"Existing Breast Cancer treatment protocols fail in tens of thousands of women like Lianne Kraemer every year. In some cases, Breast Cancer patients don’t have access to high quality treatment or they ignore signs of the disease until it’s incurable. But more women who die of breast cancer succumb to the disease for no other reason than that it manages to outwit the protocols." ​


When cancers metastasize here is what orthodox medicine tell us...

  • "Metastasis is the main cause of mortality in patients with cancer, accounting for approximately 90% of the total number of deaths."


  • ​"If you have been told you have metastatic cancer that can no longer be controlled, you and your loved ones may want to discuss end-of-life care. Even if you choose to continue receiving treatment to try to shrink the cancer or control its growth, you can always receive palliative care to control the symptoms of cancer and the side effects of treatment."

  • Who wants to live in fear of "controlling" cancer or receive "treatments" to "control" the "symptoms" and "side effects"?

Nagalase, an Acidic Environment and GcMAF

Let me tell you a little about how cancer loves an acidic environment and the importance of Macrophages and Nagalase.

All healthy cells love and require oxygen to create energy, but once they turn cancerous they no longer require oxygen, but instead they require an acidic environment. The acidic environment is one practically deplete of oxygen. These cancerous cells now require sugar and through a process of fermentation they create energy.

​Remember: Cancer must have sugar and it must have an acidic environment in order to exist.

Nagalase is an enzyme that cancer secretes which stops the function of Macrophages by eliminating the ability for the Gc protein to activate the Macrophages. Macrophages are the front-line defense of the immune system and they eat everything that is not considered a normal healthy cell such as... pathogens, viruses, bacteria, fungi, dead cells, etc., and... cancer cells. They also regulate and activate the Immune System. Without Macrophages your entire immune system is left defenseless against all of these intruders and your health is greatly compromised, to say the least.

Knowing the IMPORTANCE of Macrophages (in fighting and winning the battle), this study makes perfect sense: "... tumour acidity contributes to prostate carcinogenesis (or formation of any other cancer) by altering (slowing) the state of Macrophage Activation. ​~
British Journal of Cancer

Just know this... without Macrophages you will not win a battle against any Metabolic Disease (including Cancer)... PERIOD!​

NIH Research Proves Efficacy of GcMAF...
only ONE of Our Therapies we Use to Treat Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer

This is a research study that was published in the peer-reviewed National Institute of Health (NIH) regarding Gc Macrophage Activating Factor (GcMAF). These are some excerpts from the research paper...

"It is long considered that the role of vitamin D in maintaining health is much greater than originally supposed, up to the point that some authors jokingly wonder... “does vitamin D make the world go round?” The emergence of the concept of the Vitamin D axis further underlines the complexity of the biological events controlled by 1,25(OH)(2)D3 (Vitamin D3) through its two binding proteins Vitamin D Receptor (VDR) and Vitamin D Binding Protein (commonly known as DBP, VDBP or Gc Protein/GcMAF) that interfere with a growing number of events at the cellular and molecular level."

"In this study we focused our attention on the product of deglycosylation (deactivation) of the vitamin D-binding protein that is GcMAF, probably one of the MOST POTENT MACROPHAGE ACTIVATORS so far discovered." ~

"GcMAF-activated Macrophages induce human BREAST CANCER cell apoptosis (cell death) and the subsequent reduction of the cancer cell mass following phagocytosis (cell devouring process) of apoptotic (dead) cancer cells by macrophages.”

In summary... "In this study we demonstrate that GcMAF stimulates Macrophages, which in turn attack human BREAST CANCER, induce their apoptosis (cell death) and eventually phagocytize (engulf and destroy) them." ~

Metastatic Breast Cancer ​

This is a research study that was published in the peer-reviewed National Institute of Health (NIH) regarding the Efficacy of GcMAF (Macrophage Activating Factor) for treatment of 16 METASTATIC BREAST CANCER patients. These are some excerpts from the research paper...

"Serum Vitamin D3 Binding Protein (DBP called Gc protein) is the precursor for the principal Macrophage Activating Factor (MAF). The MAF precursor activity of serum Gc protein of BREAST CANCER patients was lost or reduced because Gc protein was deglycosylated (basically deactivated) by serum alpha-N-acetylgalactosaminidase (Nagalase) secreted from cancerous cells (Nagalase turned off the Macrophages).

"Patient serum Nagalase activity is proportional to tumor burden." NOTE: HIgher Levels of Nagalase indicate a Higher level of Tumors.

"The deglycosylated (deactivated) Gc protein cannot be converted to MAF, resulting in no Macrophage Activation and immunosuppression. Stepwise incubation of purified Gc protein with immobilized beta-galactosidase and sialidase generated probably the most potent macrophage activating factor (termed GcMAF) ever discovered, which produces no adverse effect in humans."


"Macrophages treated in vitro with GcMAF (100 pg/ml) are highly tumoricidal to mammary adenocarcinomas (cancerous tumor).""Efficacy of GcMAF for treatment of METASTATIC BREAST CANCER was investigated with 16 nonanemic patients who received weekly administration of GcMAF (100 ng). As GcMAF therapy progresses, the MAF precursor activity of patient Gc protein increased with a concomitant decrease in serum Nagalase. Because of proportionality of serum Nagalase activity to tumor burden, the time course progress of GcMAF therapy was assessed by serum Nagalase activity as a prognostic index."NOTE: the LOWER the Level of Nagalase the LOWER the Level of Cancer. Inversely, the HIGHER the Level of Nagalase the HIGHER the level of cancer burden. therefore, the HIGHER the Level of activated Macrophages the LOWER the Level of cancer. Thus Macrophage Replacement Therapy (that we offer via Direct Intravenous Injection (DIV) at Atlantis) helps ​SUPERCHARGE your God given immune system by increasing the number of activated macrophages."These patients had the initial Nagalase activities ranging from 2.32 to 6.28 nmole/min/mg protein. After about 16-22 administrations (approximately 3.5-5 months) of GcMAF, these patients had insignificantly low serum enzyme levels equivalent to healthy control enzyme levels, ranging from 0.38 to 0.63 nmole/min/mg protein, indicating ERADICATION of the tumors.This therapeutic procedure resulted in no recurrence for more than 4 years.

Traditional Therapies NEGATIVELY Affect Your Quality of Life

Traditional Treatments and Preventions for Breast Cancer are Barbaric

Whole Brain Radiation for Metastatic Breast Cancer
Whole-brain radiation, an extreme but common procedure for patients with multiple brain tumors. Such treatment can cause debilitating fatigue and permanent cognitive damage. ~Time (Oct 2019)

Risk Reducing Mastectomy (RRM)
"... widely publicized reports of celebrities undergoing Risk Reducing Mastectomy (RRM) have increased interest in RRM as a method of preventing breast cancer."

Radiation Therapy
​Radiation suppresses (destroys) the immune system and the bone marrow. Additionally, because the cells in your bone marrow are sensitive to radiotherapy—the number of Red Blood Cells (which transport oxygen throughout the body), White Blood Cells (which fight infection), Platelets (which help the blood clot), Macrophages (destroy pathogens including cancer and regulates/controls the immune system), etc. can be greatly decreased. Sometimes this decrease is temporary, however it can also be permanent. Either way this is truly not a good thing, because the bone marrow is where all new cells are generated. Without new cells your life is in jeopardy. NOTE: "Radiation therapy for cancer. Exposure to large doses of radiation, such as those given during radiation therapy for cancer, increases the risk of bone cancer in the future." ~Mayo Clinic  

Chemo also destroys the immune system with copious amounts of toxins. Many chemo drugs also damage your bone marrow. Without new cells being generated in the bone marrow, your Immune System is effectively destroyed. Once the bone marrow has been destroyed your life is not long for this world. Additionally, chemo may cause death, cancer, deadly tumors, mutations, and more. Check out the destruction done by chemo here.

"... we examined the effects of adjuvant chemotherapy on Quality of Life (QOL) of women with breast cancer. We observed that women with past chemotherapy reported being more depressed, less satisfied with their lives, and having a higher level of unmet sexuality needs than those without chemotherapy. Furthermore, they experienced significantly poor physical, emotional, social/family, functional well-being and higher breast cancer-specific concerns as measured by FACT-B."

Both Chemo and Radiation Therapies make the body more toxic—lower the pH to a more acidic state—suppress the immune system—and have the potential of interfering with the production of new cells in the bone marrow. Because BOTH of these therapies are NOT selective they kill BOTH healthy cells and cancer cells. Additionally (when your white blood cell count is lower than normal) you have an increased chance of getting an infection which in turn further suppresses the immune system — which is the only way you have of fighting cancer or any other disease.

Please understand that once your immune system has been compromised, cancer and other health related issues are left unrestricted to continue growing and wreaking havoc on your health.

Our Therapies Affect Your Quality of Life POSITIVELY

The Good News...

  • We do NOT perform "whole brain radiation" ​that could cause debilitating fatigue and permanent cognitive damage.

  • We do NOT perform surgery to remove your breasts in the event that you may have cancer one day.

  • We do NOT use "Radiation Therapy" to treat any cancer which oftentimes causes cancer.

  • ​We do NOT use "Chemotherapy" to treat any cancer which oftentimes causes cancer, death, etc.

  • All of these will certainly have a negative effect on your quality of life.

The Better News...

​Put your mind at ease. Dr Pablo has been perfecting cancer therapies and protocols for over 20 years. He wants you to know that GcMAF is not the only therapy we use to combat Breast Cancer or sneaky Metastasized Breast Cancers.

  1. We use Alternative Treatment methods that are both powerful and gentle.

  2. One thing our therapies all have in common... they BUILD your immune system.

  3. Obviously, one of the therapies we use on Breast Cancer is GcMAF Replacement Therapy. We are not injecting you with something new and foreign to your body. We are simply reactivating and increasing your macrophages (by billions and billions) which have been turned off by the Nagalase which cancer cells secrete. This restores and Supercharges your immune system!

  4. Do you remember that earlier I told you: Cancer cells must have an acidic environment in order to exist? This means that in addition to the GcMAF, we will be using another DIV (direct intravenous) therapy called High pH Therapy. ​This therapy raises the pH level rapidly from an acidic environment (little or no oxygen) which the cancer cells require - to an alkaline environment (flooded with oxygen) which destroys the ability for cancer cells to produce energy (effectively starving them to death). Additionally, this therapy has several elements that can gain access into the cancer cell and destroy its acidic state too. This therapy is great on breast cancer, metastasized cancers, bone cancers, fast-growing cancers and more. Not to mention that oxygen rebuilds the immune system, nourishes healthy cells, and causes them to detox at a more rapid rate. With High pH we have witnessed tumors shrinking by 1-2 cm per day just as reported in the peer-reviewed journal ScienceDirect.​ We have also witnessed all pain associated with Cancer gone within 12-36 hours as reported in the site.

  5. Earlier I also told you... Cancer cells require sugar to produce their energy. Our Laetrile (B17) Therapy utilizes sugar to gain entrance INTO the cancer cell. B17 is a complex molecule containing two units of glucose (sugar), one unit of benzaldehyde (analgesic/ painkiller), and one unit of Hydrogen Cyanide. Once the cancer cell invites the B17 inside (thinking it will feast on the sugar), the cyanide and benzaldehyde are UNLOCKED and this deadly duo becomes utterly devastating to cancer cells. Talk about highly targeted devastating destruction! The wild thing about B17 is that it is found in over 1200 foods that you eat on a regular basis. That's right! You eat cyanide in over 1200 foods. Now get this... Instead of killing healthy cells the B17 supplies nutrients to the them which in turn strengthens the body’s immune system! ​

  6. One of the keys to our success is combining therapies that produce synergy. There are other therapies that will also be combined with these three, but suffice it to say that we are throwing a ton of firepower into this battle all at once. We do not believe in taking a position of standing back to see which therapy works best. No way! Your life hangs in the balance and we believe in giving you all the best therapies combined to help ensure you... a victorious battle!

  7. With our combination of products and protocols, we have a proven system that knocks out cancer.

  8. In summary, we give you hope and have many survivors instead of statistics.

Once you understand what causes cancer and the fact that it loves an acidic environment in which to grow, cancer becomes something that is not so feared. After all, fear typically springs from the unknown.

With over 20 years of experience, we understand cancer. Even though it appears to be a bit sneaky (when it decides to metastasize) our therapies and the protocols we have developed give us the upper hand in dealing with this enemy. Our therapies are numerous, ​and you will want to explore them.

One of the best things about the therapies offered at Atlantis...
Your Quality of Life is Affected POSITIVELY !

The Truth Will Set You Free

Take a look at what the medical system understands to be TRUTH...

​"In the last decades we, and others, have documented that the extracellular pH (pHe) of solid tumors is acidic; that this acidity is encountered early in carcinogenesis, and that it has profound consequences on tumor progression (growth). Most clinical cancer cells evolve and exist in a hostile microenvironment, characterized by acidosis, hypoxia (diminished availability of oxygen), oxygen radicals (which can be toxic to cells) and nutrient deprivation."

In other words, the Medical System understands everything we are teaching you about the function of cancer - its likes and dislikes. So, let me ask:

How is this for mind-bending...​

These FACTS are gathered from mfg. inserts, the FDA, and Safety Data sheets. Before taking chemo PLEASE check out the FACTS.


  2. Chemo CAUSES DEATH.



  5. Chemo DESTROYS your BONE MARROW. (This is CRITICAL for life!)

  6. Chemo DESTROYS your IMMUNE SYSTEM. (This is also CRITICAL.)

  7. Chemo is MUTAGENIC.

More mind-bending info. This is a must read...

  1. Did you know your oncologist RECEIVES COMPENSATION for selling chemo? (Strange... No other doctor is paid like the oncologist.)

  2. Did you know oncologists make most of their income by buying drugs wholesale and selling them to patients at marked-up prices?

  3. Did you know that the profit margin varies from product to product? (Are people being prescribed the higher profit drug?)

  4. Did you know that top executives in cancer hospitals sit on pharmaceutical boards and are paid handsomely? And that these men author research papers that put a positive spin on "their" drugs?​ Is this ethical or legal?

  5. Did you know according to the that chemo only contributes 2.1% to the 5 year survival rate?

  6. Did you know oncologist authors “researching” cancer drugs have a financial conflict of interest (FCOI), because they are paid by the drug manufacturer? The incentives range from funding research to larger grants and may even include stock ownership. full text here... JAMA Oncology

Bottom Line...

The Medical System understands...

  • Cancer is a Metabolic Disease and not genetic.

  • It is a suppressed immune system that allows cancer to develop in the first place.

  • Our bodies are 65% oxygen by mass and the importance of oxygen for normal healthy cells to create energy.

  • Cancer cells REQUIRE an acidic environment (an environment lacking in oxygen) in order to produce energy.

  • Oxygen destroys the acidic environment necessary for cancer to produce energy and without energy... cancer cells DIE!

  • How do you cure cancer with an agent that causes CANCER, DEADLY TUMORS and DEATH?

So, let me ask a few simple questions....

  1. Why in the world do oncologists insist on treating cancers by adding more acidic toxins and poisons to your body (chemo and radiation)? Certainly, they understand that cancer thrives in an acidic environment!

  2. Why do oncologists inject drugs for cancer which they know cause cancer, death, deadly tumors, etc.? Certainly, the product insert alone warns of the deadly side effects of chemo.

  3. Have you asked your doctor why he prescribes chemo with its deadly side effects?

  4. ​Do you know the danger of the chemicals they are injecting into your body or do you just blindly trust the system?

Why not check out What Makes Atlantis Different. This will answer a lot of your questions. After all, the better armed you are with knowledge, the better you will understand therapies that offer you hope. This simply reinforces our belief... "Knowledge is Power."

At some point you have to choose which method you will use
​for doing battle against cancer.

Either you choose the Traditional Method utilizing more poisonous toxins which in turn make your body more acidic

<<< OR >>>

You can take a more Natural Approach eliminating the poisons and toxins from your body
Rebuilding your immune system so that it is working at peak performance
And allow God to do what He does best... Restore your Health

Let us Take Away Your Worries

At this critical moment in your life it is easy to get fearful and lose hope. The one thing that the staff at Atlantis brings to the table that many seem to love is our love for them. We feel honored and blessed by God to be able to pull up beside you, hold your hand and do everything within our power to restore your health.

Dr Pablo considers you family once you are under his wing. And he and his staff will fight for you and your life just as they would one of their own children. Even so, please understand as the director and administrator of Atlantis Dr Pablo's spare time is nonexistent. Therefore, he has requested that you read a few articles so you better understand our therapies (before calling us to schedule your free consultation). This will help you decide if we might be a good fit and will help you ask better questions during your consultation.

Here is the shortlist:

If our therapies look promising then we encourage you to get in touch with us and see if there is any connection. Ask the difficult questions and know that you are going to get an honest answer. It may not be the answer you want, but it will be honest. If Dr. Pablo thinks there is hope he will tell you. If there is nothing he can do he will be forthright.

We look forward to hearing from you to schedule your free consultation with Dr. Pablo.

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