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Chemo Spill

Worker Carrying Asbestos Board


“When hazmat precautions are needed to be taken on the outside,
then what is it doing to me on the inside?”

chemotherapies use a derivative of mustard gas


The burning and scarring [in this photo] is the result of a spill of chemotherapy onto the bare hand.

Is it any wonder that people are worried about what might be happening to their insides as chemotherapy is intravenously fed into the body?

Is it any wonder that chemotherapy nurses wear protective gloves?

And is it any wonder that so high a percentage of oncologists refuse to submit to the treatments they advocate for their patients?

We all have a right to be concerned about the internal damage taking place from a toxic chemical being intravenously administered.

Chemo Spills Are Dangerous​

"Healthcare facilities are required to have chemotherapy spill kits in case of any chemotherapy drugs that spill. Chemotherapy drugs are considered any agent or drug, excluding hormonal agents, that are intended to kill malignanciesWhen these chemotherapy drugs spill, they can be very harmful to people as there is no chemotherapy drug which has any safe limit for drug exposure... EXCEPT for patients receiving these as treatments (​which still has harmful effects on the patient)."


What!... there is no safe limit for drug exposure when chemo spills, because it is so harmful. BUT, it is OK to put inside my body to help me??

Only the "spilled" chemo drugs are harmful and toxic and there is NO SAFE LIMIT for drug exposure—Except for patients receiving chemo (which is still harmful).

WOW! It looks like the verdict is in from Judge Judy and she has made her decision... If chemo is dangerous on the outside how can it be safely injected into the bloodstream?

Case dismissed!


​NOTE: Once again, it is pointed out that chemo spills can affect people in four different ways—all of which are harmful. However, the cancer patient is NOT inhaling chemo. The cancer patient is NOT ingesting chemo. Instead, the cancer patient is having this toxic chemical injected into his body so it can be absorbed by all cells and organs.

Am I the only one seeing the absurdity of this situation?


​Knowing Chemo Spills are so DANGEROUS to those even trying to clean them - should cause us GREAT concern
​Because Chemo is put DIRECTLY into our BODIES!

What Chemicals Are Used in Chemotherapy?


Have you ever thought about what makes chemo spills
so dangerous and why such precaution is used when addressing a simple spill?

Click here to discover what chemicals are used in Chemo.
Hold onto your socks!

"These chemotherapy drugs can affect people in 4 different ways:​

  • inhalation, 

  • ingestion,

  • injection,

  • or absorption."

"Chemotherapy spill kits are required to have many things in them to keep the person cleaning the spill safe as well as equipment to pick up the spill. Personal protective equipment (PPE) items in a spill kit are to protect the person cleaning the spill, such as two pairs of gloves, a gown, eye protection, a respirator, and shoe covers. Other equipment needed for the spill kit are spill towels, two chemo waste bags, a chemo spill sign, absorbent pads or spill solidifier, a scoop and scraper, and a spill report form.

​"To properly go about cleaning up the spill, it is critical that these steps are followed very carefully to stay safe and avoid any contact with the chemotherapy drugs. Be sure to remember to alert people in the area of the spill and put out the sign warning of a chemotherapy spill. The first pair of gloves should be put on first and then the gown followed by the second pair of gloves. The sleeves of the gown should be tucked in to be between the first and second pair of gloves. Then the protective eyeglasses or goggles and then followed by the respirator and shoe covers."  ~SafeTec

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