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These services may be included
in a program designed for you.

We offer an amazing combination of therapies and treatments not seen under one roof before.
In the past is was so hard to find what will be the best therapy or treatment.
Then Dr. Pablo said if my son or daughter was unwell,
suffering, or on death's bed, what treatment would I want to use?

This program was born in the year 2000 from a desire to save a family member...
To leaves no stone unturned!

To combine things that make another therapy more powerful, like hyperbaric oxygen, then stir in therapies that make the client feel less pain and stronger and last and equally important, lots of love, attention, and laughter...


Some of these pages are a long read...
I understand, but we are talking about Quality of LIFE, it's important to get an understanding that we are not only looking to reverse the health problem if possible, in the process we want a stronger you...


Services listed at the bottom of this page, click each link for full details.



Is it time to see your Family Doctor?

Atlantis offers general visits and full annual checkups to keep you healthy and also be available if you unexpectedly become unwell.

Doctor and Patient

101 Types of I.V. Therapies

Let's face it... Most of us have just about killed ourselves eating the good ol' American diet. Cheeseburgers, fries and cokes have just about destroyed our immune systems. This is because our bodies must have oxygen to thrive. 


Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

All life is dependent upon oxygen. Like this magician trying to escape death, we all must have oxygen to live. It makes up 65% of the human body and all normal healthy cells require oxygen in order to create energy. 


PEMF Magnetic Pulse

PEMF stands for Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy. You may be familiar with this therapy by one of its many other names...

Low Field Magnetic Stimulation (LFMS),
Electromagnetic Field therapy (EMF) and
Tumor Treating Fields (TTF). 


Red Light Therapy is the medical use of light technology to penetrate visible and invisible light wavelengths deep into the human body, which promotes the body’s natural healing processes.


Photobiomodulation, it is the use of low levels of red or near-infrared light for delivering energy to the cells. The many other names for Red Light Therapy include low-level laser therapy (LLLT), low-intensity light therapy (LILT), phototherapy, photo bio-stimulation, biostimulation (BIOS), photonic stimulation, photomedicine, cold lasers, among others.

red light therapy.png


Above the Clouds

Colon Hydrotherapy

Detoxing is so important. If you are on PAIN MEDS and constipated WOW, this will be a relief.

Some say you are what you eat.

The truth, you are what you absorb. The colon plays an important role in you getting the goodness of the food and supplements you take.

3 times a week for two weeks.
More popular than massage,
after breaking fear of the first visit,
most feel so good, they do not want to stop...


Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy uses injections of a concentration of a patient's own platelets to accelerate the healing of injured tendons, ligaments, muscles and joints.


In this way PRP injections use each individual patient's own healing system to improve musculoskeletal problems.



Great for relaxation, pain relief,
and improving circulation.

We all understand and appreciate the benefits of a massage and the pampering that comes with it.

Therapies for pain relief, flexibility and just to feel good.



The Thumper is quite deceiving. It looks like it would damage your entire body at one time.

However, it does the exact opposite. Because of its size and eight massage heads (that don't penetrate to the extreme) it is really very soothing. 



​Ultrasound when only the best scan is needed for size and remembrance!

Ultrasound used for pre-birth baby images, can also show other things. The liver, kidney, lymph nodes, not in all cases but many areas can be seen if with-in reach of the radio waves. Ultrasound waves to produce pictures of the structures inside the body.



Unfortunately, many people wait until a symptom from some aliment makes itself known. By this time, disease already has its foot in your door. The next thing you know you find yourself going in and out of doctors offices trying to figure out what you have or should I say... what has hold of you.



Being proactive can possibly save your life.

​It is always best to catch something occurring internally in your body before it manifests itself into a visible symptom or worse. An ECG checkup is one such test that helps put you in control.  As such, we recommend scheduling this test annually for those over 50 years of age.  



Looking for a change and
improvement you can see?

Live blood analysis, is revolutionizing many natural health practices all around the world by giving practitioners the edge they need to achieve better results in their practice.


Q2 Energy Foot Spa

The Q Energy Spa enhances and amplifies the ability of the body to heal itself.


The procedure takes 25-35 minutes, is done in an ordinary bathtub of water or a footbath, and requires no extensive training to perform.


The Q therapy is based on the fact that all living things produce a form of organic electricity or Bio-Charge.

Rife Recovery Therapy

The Rife Machine sends out an electronic signal which causes some part of the offending organism to vibrate.


When the vibration becomes strong enough, the theory is that the life form literally shakes itself apart. You may remember the commercial where Ella Fitzgerald uses her voice to shatter a crystal glass?


This is the same principle in action. Scientists call this sympathetic resonance.


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