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Our therapies have taken us over 20 years to fine tune and perfect. I can honestly say that we have developed protocols and therapies that are unsurpassed in the world of alternative medicine. There is little doubt that we offer the widest array of therapies under one roof. 


In putting together this article I wasn't quite sure where to start. This is because there is so much difference between the approach that Atlantis takes toward diseases and the approach that other facilities take (both Alternative and Orthodox). So please bear with me.



One thing that you will soon discover is Dr. Pablo believes in going the extra mile for his clients. Have you ever noticed… a lot of people say things like this, but they are never willing to put their money where their mouth is?  Dr. Pablo is the exception and he wants you to feel comfortable with choosing EITHER the Home Program or our Facility Program. Therefore, he makes the following Guarantees...


To open health spas and facilities that offer a combination of wellbeing services. By helping and serving those most in need and educating others on prevention in an environment of safety.


Your ​Home While Visiting

Coming to visit us is quite an experience in and of itself.

Our facility is located directly on the beach. This is a quiet location with a wide beautiful beach.

They are all beautiful condos and have two to three bedrooms

Free Consultation Forms

Do you want a quality consultation about you, and your case

If getting the correct answers are important?

Then here you will find English and Spanish
Pre-Consultation Forms



Metabolic Disease is a disease closely linked with the availability and utilization of the proper nutrients in order for our cells to produce energy. A metabolic disease is not an infectious disease caused by bacteria. Therefore, it cannot be spread to another person by contact.


I want to share with you the story of 'Big Mike' who loved riding motorcycles. He has always been an avid Harley biker and considers other bikes to be nothing more than junk. Unfortunately, Mike was in a terrible biking accident and was forced to have both legs amputated. 

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