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GcMAF, Macrophages Activating Factor
one of the most powerful therapies

GcMAF has only positive side effects, made from Mother's Colostrum.
Used in every program and has underlying benefits for all diseases.
Take GcMAF Orally, Nebulizer, Rectal and IV and/or Direct Injections in the location

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Autism Program

Watching your child isolated from others—being unable to communicate his desires can be more than frustrating. 

​Isolation, loneliness, aggression, lack of verbal skills and communication are some of the things associated with autism.


What Is GcMAF

All Healthy People Have Approximately 200 Billion Macrophages—But People with many metabolic diseases such as cancer and autism do not. Cancer cells and viruses produce 'Nagalase' an enzyme which... Deactivates and Stops The Production of Macrophages.

GcMAF Research

Some biological properties of a partially deglycosylated (basically deactivated) DBP (vitamin D binding protein or Gc protein),
called DBP-MAF (GcMAF) are however very exciting
because of its very potent
antiviral and antitumoral activity."


GcMAF For Autism

Dr. Bradstreet was an innovator in Autism and was one of the first to introduce GcMAF to those with autism.


He was a very disciplined man who worked passionately to help those with autism, because he had two children with autism himself.

Autism Home Program

After reading all of the materials on our site about Autism you might feel you would like to get started with either our Home Program or our Facility Program.


The first thing you may want to do is give us a call so we can discuss the differences in therapies as well as pricing.


GcMAF/Autism Stories

As Robin’s mom, my fine-tuning of her autism is very different from most people, I assume. Robin was on GcMAF for six months.


Her Nagalase enzyme scores went from 3.60 to 1.60 (the lower the better - less than 0.92 is normal). She is forty-one years old, lives in her own condo, drives her own car, has two jobs, and a boyfriend. 

GFCF Autism Diet

So the obvious diet was created for those with autism. It is called the GFCF diet.

Which means it is Gluten-Free and Casein-Free.
Gluten is a protein found in wheat and other grains and casein is a protein found in dairy.

This is why some people refer to this diet as the GFDF diet or the gluten-free dairy-free diet.



GcMAF Home Program For Autism

We have put together the most comprehensive potent therapies that can be easily and safely used from home.

We make everything easy for you, all documented and clear, so don’t be concerned...

These are some of the items in the Atlantis Autism Pack:

The Autism Home Program includes GcMAF.


This product is phenomenal. Make sure you read the articles on GcMAF.

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