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About Claims Of Cure or Benefit
For your Information: 

The information within the ATLANTIS SALUD SPA and Atlantis Health ReTreat web site is intended to explain in brief the services on offer, to educate and help both referring practitioners and clients make better health care decisions and enable patients to take greater responsibility for their own wellbeing.

The information provided in links from this Website is independent and does not constitute a medical recommendation. If you find any misinformation or inappropriate material from these links, please report them to us immediately for removal. All information is intended for research and educational purposes only, and no claims, either real or implied, are being made.

Our Cancer Research Programs are unique, as we combine many Alternative Programs that produce synergistic effects. We will publish our Research Results from the ATLANTIS SALUD SPA S.A. as this will be a controlled environment, something not available to us in the past. Some Government agencies may rather we withhold these stories from the public because, allegedly, they constitute “unproven medical claims.” However, as stated previously, the only claims we make are that this information is authentic and that the people who wrote them or videoed them were genuine people and that it is their information as they said it, felt it and believed it, and they are real stories done by the person. They were not paid or offered benefit for sharing their experiences.

Truth is not truth unless it is the “whole” truth, and these health success stories, and scientific studies are just as much a part of the truth as any success story or scientific study experienced by orthodox medicine. Free men and women are entitled to have access to “all” the information available so they can make intelligent and informed choices in matters of their own health.

Therefore, we are sharing these success stories as an exercise of our right to freedom-of-speech and your right to freedom-of-information. Enthusiastic Testimonials on alternatives or from our past clients can also not be seen as any assurance that you will get the same result. The extent of the response to treatment varies from patient to patient, even with similar diagnoses, and/or age and sex, as the internal body environment is unique to each individual client.

Notwithstanding, the external body contamination and stresses from the past and present are also very individually unique, as will any responses, if any, to treatment!

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