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TOP Cancer Therapies We Offer
below, how we treat each cancer differently.

These are 1/2 the therapy options.
The all in one program is called CNS when you wish to leave no stone unturned!

We are dedicated to helping you understand the most important therapies that are exclusive to Atlantis Health ReTreat. Dr. Pablo has researched the research and fine-tuned the combination of ten targeting therapies and placed them in a step-by-step system that brings amazing results.


If you choose our ( In-Clinic ) program, please also visit the link above that explains ( Our Services ).
They are included in all weekly and monthly programs or day visits.

20 years of helping people, just like you do therapies correctly is a joy and what we have seen and learned is truly amazing...
Getting the correct combination for your cancer type is an art, perfected by Dr. Pablo for well over 20 years...

GcMAF for Cancer

The #1 Therapy, that works alone,
or increases results,
when used with other cancer reversing therapies.

All Healthy People Have Approximately
200 Billion

But People with many metabolic diseases
such as cancer and autism do not.

GcMAF is the second best.jpg
High PH Therapy.jpg

High pH Therapy

Over 20 Targeting Minerals bring the fastest results.
Cancer can not feed at a High pH.
Cesium - Rubidium - Gold - Silver - Copper - zinc and
15 more are just part of this protocol.

pH is one of our most essential measurements to gauge our overall health. Yet, when was the last time you went to the doctor and had your pH analyzed?


Ozone  Therapy​

A very powerful therapy, used at the correct time, will trigger faster results.

Ozone, or tri-oxygen, is a molecule consisting of three oxygen atoms. It starts life as pure oxygen (O2) and through a process, 3 oxygen atoms bond to form ozone.

Ozonating your own plasma, and re-infusing it. Stimulates you emune system, helps regenerate connective tissue, kiss cancer and anything forren to the body on contact, including viruses.

Vitamin B17.jpg


Vitamin B17 is one of the most controversial vitamins in the last 80 years. Yet it is cheap and affordable for almost all.


As tablets or Injections, Vitamin B17 has a built-in targeting mechanism that seeks out only cancer cells and poisons them.


Home Program
Cancer Attack Pack

We have put together the most comprehensive potent therapies that can be easily and safely used from home.

So if travel is out of the question, or you just need more time to think, get started at home and upgrade if you choose anytime in the next few months for free...

Cancer Attack Pack Home Support.jpg

Below are a few examples of how each cancer type 
is treated differently

No TWO people have the same history and the steps needed to win, are very different for all people.
Even if two people have the same cancer...
the steps needed to eliminate it will change from person to person.

Treating Breast Cancer Naturally.jpg

Breast Cancer 

When we hear our doctor tell us, "you have breast cancer"... fear takes control of our thoughts.


This is because of lack of knowledge and not understanding the nuances of cancer.


This is why we put researched information on our site, to help take away the confusion.

Bone Cancer

Always excited to help people with bone cancer, because our therapy combination gets the best results with all bone cancer types.


Each type of direct or metastasized bone cancer has a weakness, and we have the took to take advantage of that...

Can Bone Cancer can be treated.jpg
Metastasized Cancer.jpg

Metastatic  ​Cancer

Most people who come to us, have metastasized cancer, so lose the fear, yes it is possible to get positive results, but time is of the essence.

When we hear our doctor tell us,
"you have metastatic cancer"...
fear takes control of our thoughts.

Prostate Cancer

​It's usually a slow growing cancer typically confined to the prostate gland (where it hopefully stays confined) and will not cause serious harm. However, even though some types of prostate cancer grow slowly (needing minimal or no treatment) others are aggressive and spread quickly.

What Alternative Therapy is Best.jpg
How we treat each cancer type(1).jpg

Lung Cancer 

When we hear our doctor tell us, "you have lung cancer"... fear takes control of our thoughts. This is because of lack of knowledge and not understanding the nuances of cancer. This is why we put researched information on our site

Cancer Diet 

Foods that contain nutrients that kill the cancer cells, stop the spread of cancer, or in some other way help treat the cancer (e.g. a variety of vegetables, purple grapes with seeds and skin, red raspberries with seeds, strawberries with seeds, broccoli, cauliflower, several herbs, carrots, apricot seeds, pineapples, almonds, etc.)

cancer diet.jpg


Is it time to see your Family Doctor?

Atlantis offers general visits and full annual checkups to keep you healthy and also be available if you unexpectedly become unwell.

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