Your ​Home While Visiting

Let Go of Your Stress - Relax

Our facility is located directly on the beach.
This is a quiet location with a wide beautiful beach.

You will be in a motel type accommodation or in most cases, depending on the time of year,
a self contained new apartments imaged below, 2 or 3 rooms.
Yes Family members are welcome, just let us know before you arrive.
How many people? So we choose the best apartment to accommodate you all.

They are all beautiful condos and have two to three bedrooms — Clear access to the beach in front — And car parking is included. 

All food can be supplied for you to cook yourself, or meals are also available.

Night services are available (if required), including an overnight nurse, and monthly bookings, no extra charge for this.

If you want to rent a car a $1000 deposit is typically required and fees are $100 per day and monthly from $970.
A driver to take you around can cost $100 a full day including the car. (better option)
This is the preferred choice by most clients, when they have a week off.
Nice places to visit are with-in 1 to 2 hours. Remember,
this can be tiring for the client and should only be done one or two days in the resting week, if at all.

A Taxi to any location in the area is less then $5.00 and in most cases $2.50 to 3.50
to larger local shopping centers that have shops and a movie theater.


We provide a full room cleaning service and sheets changed 3 days a week and a small apartment clean every weekday.

One thing is a given...
You will enjoy your accommodation and be able to spend some quality time with your family or loved ones
who come on this journey with you.
I'm certain...
You will enjoy the quaintness of our beach while enjoying the convenience of its location. 

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+593 993919977 on Signal & WhatsAPP

If you believe you have a medical emergency please see your physician immediately or dial 911.


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