All of the Staff at Atlantis

Extends You a Warm Welcome!

Dedicated Staff

Our staff are truly unique. They bring to the table a love for people that you seldom find today.

They each play an important role in delivering a high quality of service to you our clients.

In our facility you truly are the boss (except when it comes to doctors orders).

Other than that you will love being waited on hand and foot.

We also make sure that all of your questions and concerns are addressed. 

Once you are aboard, the staff and I consider you family.

And as such, we will fight for your life just like we would for any other family member.

Our ultimate goal is to put you back on the road to health.​​​​​


Our Facility

We are located directly on a quiet beach.

Within a few days of having arrived, our goal is to have reduced your pain substantially so that you feel like a normal human being once again. With this dark cloud lifted, you are free to relax and enjoy your surroundings. 

And what better place to relax than at a beautiful beach? 

​Even while you are receiving your IV Therapies, we promise that you will never know that you are in a wellness center. The views from your comfortable chair are truly liberating.


Client's view while taking IV


Client taking IV - Enjoying View


Your Worries Fade Away

Great Location for Healing

​​Even though you are in a wellness center you will feel more like you are on vacation, because you can lie back, relax, enjoy some really great views of the Pacific Ocean, and will soon forget that you're receiving IV Therapy. This setting is truly stress-relieving as evidence that we have yet to receive our first complaint!

Your accommodations are also direct to the beach. You can literally take the elevator down and walk out onto the beach. Go for a stroll on a clean, wide sandy beach--dip your toe in the water--or go for a swim. 

Your entire family may want to come along and enjoy your healing journey. While you are getting treatments, the rest of the family can be within your view enjoying the beach.

Personal Greeting from Dr. Pablo


Greetings and welcome to Atlantis Health ReTreat!

Our therapies have taken us over 20 years to fine-tune and perfect. I can honestly say that we have developed protocols and therapies that are unsurpassed in the world of alternative medicine. There is little doubt that we offer the widest array of therapies under one roof. ​​

My name is Paul Rana and I am the Clinical Director here at Atlantis, but my staff insists on affectionately calling me "Dr. Pablo." ​​That's because Paul is 'Pablo' in Spanish, and because they see me as a healer.

Important note: All clients see a medical doctor both on arrival and at our facilities.

Since you are on our website, it must be because you or a loved one has a health-related issue. For that, I'm truly sorry.

First, I want to start by telling you, thank you for taking your time to explore the wonderful world of alternative therapies offered at Atlantis. Getting the combination of therapies correct, comes down to an advantage of twenty years experiance.

Compassion drives me and I love my profession. Therefore, I feel it is my obligation to share with you as much knowledge as possible to help you make a better-informed decision regarding the direction you may like to take in improving your health. 

     * At Atlantis, we truly believe the old adage... "Knowledge is Power."

     * We also believe many doctors and friends have most likely given you "opinions" that are all over the board. 

For these reasons, we have loaded our site with peer-reviewed and documented research articles to help educate you on diseases that we treat. We try to cover all of the bases. We want you in a better place (to make an informed decision) rather than possibly misplacing your trust in treatments or therapies that will only take your healing process in the wrong direction.

We hope you will soon discover that Atlantis is completely transparent and forthright in the ways in which we provide information. Armed with this information, you will understand why we have chosen the mix of therapies in our arsenal.  Our goal is the exact same goal that sent you to us in the first place... we want to help you reclaim your health!

So relax, get a big cup of coffee and start dipping your toe into the water. 

Again, I am sorry that bad news has entered your life or the life of one of your loved ones. Fortunately, you have come to the right place and we hope to help you turn this negative news into something more positive.

We hope to hear from you soon!