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Looking to recharge your body, 7 to 14 day wellbeing programs...

​​Our facility and team specialize in
Early & Late-Stage Cancer Programs, Stroke & Autism Programs,
and international holidays with wellbeing therapies included.

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Alternative Treatment Facility
a Holistic Approach
with English & Spanish speaking Doctors and staff

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We offer programs that can be done at home as well as in clinical programs.

(In Clinic for a more aggressive treatment approach ).


We combine therapies that are EXCLUSIVE to Atlantis!

No facility in the WORLD has all out TOP 5 Therapies and 10 Services in one location.

That is why, when reviewing our information and the details.

Atlantis is a must GO TO PLACE FOR RECOVER!


However, when combined with our other services in the link at the top of the page,

we can obtain synergistic effects up to 100 times more powerful.

In exploring our site, people discover that it is not opinionated but instead
the information is backed up by research papers from the National Institute of Health ( 


When ready, make a call, +1 877 891 1368 to make an appointment.

A free SKYPE consultation is available most afternoons this month.

 You Are Unique And Your Treatment Should Be Too

You are not a chart nor a diagnosis—you are unique and, deserve the absolute best care. Just as all fingerprints are unique—our therapies at Atlantis are also unique and tailored for each individual client. Nothing cookie-cutter here.


At Atlantis, our staff is ready to spoil you rotten with attention. Hand-holding is our specialty and we go the extra mile to ensure all of your needs are met. Coming to Atlantis is like going on a retreat. All of your worries and stress disappear as we work passionately to put you on the road to a speedy recovery.
We hope you will visit soon and allow us to hold your hand too!

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Our therapies are second to none—and our staff is eager and willing always to go the extra mile. Please explore our website, discover that the therapies we offer are unique—potent—alternative natural treatments. Our therapies and combination of treatments can work for almost every metabolic disease. Reading through our material, we believe that that the search for a trusted and experienced facility—helping those in need find the road to health—is finally here.